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Heading Back Into No-Man’s-Land: Does 1917 Still Work On A

Remember last Christmas? That’s Christmas 2019, not the godawful Emilia Clarke/George Michael tie-up literally nobody asked for. Well, last Christmas, director Sam Mendes released 1917, a film seemingly purpose-built to fill yards of column inches and storm into first place on the list of ‘your dad’s favourite war films’. It’s now Summer 2020 and 1917 […]Read More

Inside The World Of Bedtime Stories For Adults

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, bedtime stories were seen as being child’s play. As you sat in bed, trying to stay up as late as possible, your parents read The Gruffalo for the thousandth time in a row. Still, night after night, despite your valiant efforts to delay your bedtime, […]Read More

Book Review: Coming Undone // Terri White

I have always read fiction novels and even when I branched out into non-fiction, memoirs were never my go-to genre. I suppose since I did not engage with the celebrity in question, often footballers or singers, I could not see the merit in reading about their path to fame or their childhood. That is until […]Read More

The Whitewashing of Literature in the UK Curriculum

English Literature is a compulsory subject for students across the UK up until the age of sixteen, thus it is not unreasonable to assume that what is taken from these lessons will inform these students’ future understanding of the world. The whitewashing of the UK education system, and specifically the secondary school syllabuses, is therefore […]Read More

Lifting Lockdown: Too Much Too Soon?

On 25th June, Boris Johnson announced that England would see the effective ‘end’ of lockdown. From 4th July, pubs will be open, hairdressers will be open and the previous 2 meter social distancing rule will be replaced with what is tentatively called the ‘1 meter plus’ rule. As a response to the news, it seemed […]Read More

Defunding The Police And Other Alternatives

Recently, protests in the United States broke out in response to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The Black Lives Matter movement, driven to immediate action by this tragedy, continues its long fight against the systemic mistreatment of African Americans. In it’s wake the idea of defunding the police has gained momentum across […]Read More

“Focus on What’s Strong, Not What’s Wrong” – Inside InHouse

The UK’s first ever prison-made record label, ‘InHouse Records’, have launched a magazine in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The magazine, titled ​Aux, has been released to prisoners to entertain them during their strict lockdown procedures. Aux educates them on music theory and aids them in their pursuit of knowledge. Currently aimied towards the South-East, […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Favourite LGBTQ+ Artists and Allies

June is Pride Month, which is a chance for the global LGBTQ+ community to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, such as marriage equality, and transgender rights. As well as a month dedicated to lobbying for real, lasting change in a quest for intersectional equality, Pride is a […]Read More

My Pride Month Reading List: 6 Black LGBTQ+ Authors to

We would not have Pride without Black activists. Stormé DeLarverie – a lesbian and drag performer – was one of the key figures in the Stonewall riots. Arrested and beaten by police, DeLarverie incited the crowd by asking: “why don’t you do something?”. Marsha P. Johnson – a trans woman and drag queen – was […]Read More

Removing Controversial Statues Is Not Erasing History

On the 7th June, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol tore down a statue of Edward Colston, a prolific 17th-century slave trader, and threw him into the harbour. His figure sunk to the bottom of the river in the very place where he once docked his ships and traded in human lives and suffering. You […]Read More