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‘Ammonite’ is a Painstakingly Excavated Treasure: LFF Review

Some may find the sweeping chilliness of Francis Lee’s sophomore feature too bleak, but consider this critic’s cockles warmed. Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet are devastatingly brilliant in Ammonite, forming an unlikely romance between a sickly young wife and a respected paleontologist. Though most take a little warming up to their craft, Francis Lee’s directorial […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Up the Bracket // The Libertines

Headlines today look cynically upon Argentina, having swaddled itself in economic crisis in a stagnant trend of overspending dating back seventy years. Coverage has frequently pointed to reckless policy and the acquisition of debt behind its shortcomings. “Argentina seems trapped by its own history,” said Argentine economist Daniel Marx this year. As matters are exacerbated […]Read More

The Month in Games – October 2020

This month’s gaming releases include a trip to a galaxy far, far away along with a new tale from a beloved franchise, the chance to liberate London, an opportunity to test your skills on the pitch, and the chance to delve deep into untold horrors.Read More

Introducing: Maala

Introducing: Maala Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Listen to: ‘Water Overhead’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Better LIfe’ When Evan Sinton auditioned for New Zealand’s Got Talent with an acoustic guitar, floppy heart-throb hair and a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’, it was clear he had a bucketload of talent. But it’s safe to say he’s now a million miles […]Read More

What Freshers’ Week Is Like In The Middle Of A

Freshers’ week. The first steps of freedom for students across the country. It has a reputation for providing some of the messiest, yet most memorable nights out, and marks the beginning of an undergraduate’s university career.  Since I started watching ‘StudyTubers’ on Youtube from the grand old age of fourteen, when my biggest worry was […]Read More

Streaming A Selection of Classics: Amazon Prime

The biggest film streaming platforms around today have a fairly abysmal offering of classic films. If you type Adam Sandler into the Netflix search bar, 20 films are returned. Conversely, if you search for films from the 1950s you will get only five results. The case is similar for any decade before the 1980s. On […]Read More

‘For Sama’: A Year On

It has been a year since one of the most essential documentaries of the 21st century, For Sama, premiered in UK cinemas. In a revolutionary 100 minutes, it changed the entire world of documentary making.  Waad al-Kateab, now 29, documents everything in this journey through uprisings, airstrikes and tragedy during the Syrian civil war. All […]Read More

The Month in Games – September 2020

As summer draws to a close, gamers will be spoilt for choice as September’s gaming releases include the chance to be an icon of the pitch and the court, join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, turn tricks in the skate park, duke it out in the squared circle and rise through the ranks of the Mafia.Read More

Argentina: The Links Between Hope and Crime

Crimes in Argentina have now become more violent than ever before, and experts have been keen on studying the problem and trying to provide an explanation for the situation. Sociologists, politicians, and other specialists have explored the issues of drug abuse, poverty, lack of quality education and many more, and they have come up with […]Read More

The Myth of the ‘So-Called Tolerant Left’

Back in ye olden tymes, newspapers used headlines to grab people’s attention. Headlines were summaries of the articles beneath them, and if written correctly, would entice the viewer into purchasing the paper. As newspapers went online, headlines became less about the stories and more about getting clicks, harming their reputation. However, social media has now […]Read More

Heading Back Into No-Man’s-Land: Does 1917 Still Work On A

Remember last Christmas? That’s Christmas 2019, not the godawful Emilia Clarke/George Michael tie-up literally nobody asked for. Well, last Christmas, director Sam Mendes released 1917, a film seemingly purpose-built to fill yards of column inches and storm into first place on the list of ‘your dad’s favourite war films’. It’s now Summer 2020 and 1917 […]Read More

Inside The World Of Bedtime Stories For Adults

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, bedtime stories were seen as being child’s play. As you sat in bed, trying to stay up as late as possible, your parents read The Gruffalo for the thousandth time in a row. Still, night after night, despite your valiant efforts to delay your bedtime, […]Read More

Book Review: Coming Undone // Terri White

I have always read fiction novels and even when I branched out into non-fiction, memoirs were never my go-to genre. I suppose since I did not engage with the celebrity in question, often footballers or singers, I could not see the merit in reading about their path to fame or their childhood. That is until […]Read More