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Politics or Popularity? What Did We Vote For?

It’s hard to ignore the media circus around this year’s election, and I say this year because they seem to be an annual thing now. Focus has been locked on the two main party leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson with little else other than Brexit discussions piercing through the fog of this popularity contest. […]Read More

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn: What’s

Today may well go down in history as the day that the final nail went into our planet’s already rotting coffin. A shock result  has returned the right wing Liberal-National Coalition to government in Australia. This is terrible news for everyone, everywhere. Scott Morrison, the man to be returned as Prime Minister, is an avowed […]Read More

Why You Should Vote For… Andy Burnham

Labour is in desperate need of cohesive left-wing leadership if it is to regain any ground before the 2020 general election, and I believe Andy Burnham is the man to provide this. Our Scottish vote has been almost universally decimated, and it’s not going to come back in the next 5 years. Instead, the focus […]Read More

Why You Should Vote For… Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s last-minute entry into the leadership election race was something of a surprise, the veteran left-winger qualified with 36 nominations, just scraping the bare minimum in order to be entered, nominated only 12 days before entry closed. However, since then his campaign has snowballed, the younger elements of the party in particular have been […]Read More

Why you should vote for… Liz Kendall

After a galling worse-than-the-worst-case-scenario election defeat in May, the Labour Party has, understandably, given off the impression of being largely in a state of shock. Half a decade’s efforts of shifting their image leftwards from their former ‘New Labour’ guise have transpired to be a purely vote-repelling exercise, and many of its key figures have […]Read More

Labour: Where did it all go wrong?

Members of the #Milifandom all around the country were crying into their cornflakes come Friday morning. They had no words, just James Blunt’s ‘Goodbye My Lover’ on a constant loop. Thousands were left bewildered at Labour’s catastrophic defeat. Labour’s hopes were increasingly raised throughout the campaign, only to be shattered on the night. A blanket […]Read More

Why you should vote… Green

The most exciting thing about this general election is that the two-party system has essentially been made redundant. This has inevitably given rise to many minority parties who would usually find themselves on the very fringes of the British political system. The Green Party are arguably the most radical of these minority parties: their pledges […]Read More