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Emma Mackey, Fionn Whitehead, Joe Alwyn and more cast in

Sex Education star Emma Mackey has been cast alongside an array of young actors for Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut Emily. Starring alongside her is Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), Joe Alwyn (The Favourite), and Emily Beecham (Cruella). The third-eldest of the four famous Brontë siblings, Emily published a single novel, Wuthering Heights, under the pen name Ellis […]Read More

Did Heathcliff Get Away With It?

“Heathcliff// it’s me Cathy, I’ve come home // I’m so // cold, won’t you let me in your // window”. We all know the lyrics to the Kate Bush song, the mournful masterpiece taking its name and inspiration from a masterpiece of literature, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. I recently read the book for the first time, prompted […]Read More

50 Books (8): Wuthering Heights // Emily Bronte

Title: Wuthering Heights Author: Emily Bronte Outline: To cut a two volume-long story spanning forty years short, Wuthering Heights is about the intertwining of two families. Away from civilisation, in the untarnished Yorkshire moors, Mr Lockwood, the tenant of Thrushcross Grange, asks Nelly Dean, the housekeeper, to tell him the recent history of the people […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Favourite Books

Literature is a unique experience, and it is this uniqueness that makes prose such an exciting art form. Books are not merely bland and boring pieces of battered paper, but living and breathing objects, pulsating with the lives of a thousand voices. Each book means a different thing to each person, with different books drawing […]Read More