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Music to cry to: songs that help us through heartbreak

Heartbreak always sucks. It’s just one of the universal truths. Even if you’ve found yourself falling out of love; even if you know ending a relationship is for the best; even if a relationship ended on good terms and you agreed to be friends, the pain of a heartbreak is unfortunately something that is sadly […]Read More

Track Review: The Archer // Taylor Swift

When I first saw the muted pastel promotions for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Lover, I was hopeful for a mature synth-based album, one that would be a landmark of Swift’s growth as an artist and as a person. Now, with the release of her song ‘The Archer’ and three songs into her promotional cycle, I […]Read More

Live Nation’s ticket scalp scam shows we need to seek

The music industry’s battle with ticket touts has been a vicious and seemingly never ending one. There have been countless opinion pieces by music journalists on their immorality and major artists such as Ed Sheeran have warned their fans of the exploitative practices of ticket touts and launched schemes to avert fans from buying from […]Read More