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Bee-trayal: ‘Emergency’ Authorisation Of Neonicotinoid Thiamethoxam Bad News For Bees

In January, Britain made the damning decision to approve ‘emergency use’ of the banned neonicotinoid pesticide, thiamethoxam (TMX), on the 2021 beet harvest. This signals a complete disregard for the devastating environmental impact the pesticide causes; killing vast numbers of insect pollinators and ultimately pushing the food chain, which supports human food production, out of […]Read More

Riding the 2020 Wave: What We Can Take From This

This year has been challenging in many ways for people in every walk of life. It’s been a busy news year to say the least: a global pandemic, a global movement to combat racial inequalities, lockdown after lockdown, an ongoing climate crisis, a US election – you name it, it’s happened. The stress of it […]Read More