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Review: The Morland EP // Louis Dunford

One of the most important things about music is its ability to create a connection between the artist and listener. The Morland EP, the debut from singer-songwriter, Louis Dunford, does this exceptionally well. Transitioning between hilarious drug related anecdotes to heart-wrenching tales of depression and loss, this project provides a snapshot of Dunford’s life growing […]Read More

EP Review: in the violet hour: a portrait on grief

Grief is a feeling that has touched everyone at some point. The intense emotions caused by this feeling are tough to overcome. The new EP release in the violet hour: a portrait on grief was born from the heartache that singer/songwriter Saint Clair experienced following the loss of her father. Saint Clair (Emma Topolski) along […]Read More


FLETCHER is back with her brand new synth pop EP THE S(EX) TAPES, and it feels like she’s never been away. This marks the ‘Undrunk’ singer’s second EP release since signing with Capitol Records following the widely celebrated you ruined new york city for me in 2019. The 26-year-old New Jersey star was supposed to […]Read More

EP Review: Down Long Enough // Re.decay

Down Long Enough is the highly anticipated EP from rising funk hip-hop production duo, Re.decay. The EP brings together a diversity of featured artists, blending skilful musicianship to create great hooks, and we can comfortably say it’s some of the highest levels of production we’ve heard. Released last Friday (26th June), it had big expectations based […]Read More

EP Review: Side A // Twin Peaks

Chicago’s Twin Peaks have become infamous for their loose basement rock n’ roll sound and their energetic live performances to match. The band have been playing together for a decade and with each new release their production has felt richer, songwriting more nuanced and song craft more complete. Even as they evolve and amass a […]Read More

EP Review: Unappealing // Treehouse

Treehouse are a three-piece hailing from Slough, London and Southampton. The band consists of Max Whitby (guitar), Billy Young (drums/vocals), and Dominic James (bass/vocals). They’ll release their highly anticipated second EP Unappealing in July, following from their raw debut EP, Thanks For Everything / Thanks For Nothing. In contrast, Unappealing is bigger and more powerful. […]Read More

EP Review: Like Water // DJ Boring

Sometimes all it takes is one pivotal moment for musician to get noticed. For Tristan Harris, (aka DJ Boring) it was one particular track in 2016 that propelled him from bedroom DJ to one of the most sought-after names in electronic music right now. Said track was ‘Winona’: eight minutes of deep, elegant and affecting […]Read More

EP Review: how will i rest in peace if i’m

KennyHoopla has come bursting into this fragmented world with intense open eyes and a gaping heart with debut EP how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? //. Kenny La’ron is an Alternative and Indie LA-based artist born in Cleveland. After his first single ‘Waves//’ released in 2017, he has created […]Read More

EP Review: God Alone (Self-Titled)

God Alone, from Cork, Ireland, have a range of influences stemming from black metal to indie rock. Widely praised by the likes of Overblown, they released their self-titled EP in November. The themes on the EP include depression and insomnia, but the music is both fast-paced and upbeat in equal measure. The song titles show […]Read More

EP Review: Last Birth // Fonzy & Company

Fonzy comes from a diverse background of metal punk and ska. He launched his indie – americana project, Fonzy and Company in February this year, and they released their debut EP Last Birth in August. The album isn’t strictly americana however, and there are a range of influences that make it fun. ‘Queen of Nothing’ […]Read More

EP Review: It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds // The

The Covasettes play energetic indie rock in the spirit of fellow Mancunians, The Courteeners, but they add their own flavour with a sound that reflects British summertime. Their recent EP, It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds is an upbeat release full of passion, that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The opener, […]Read More

EP Review: Hellucination // Betty Moon

Betty Moon is a unique force. Her music incorporates a wide range of influences including electro-pop, rock, and soul. On her new EP Hellucination, she allows these sounds to manifest into a driving passionate listen. The EP opens with ‘Save My Soul.’ It is a strong combination of an infectious synth melody and a driving […]Read More