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EP Review: Missile Crisis // Cuban Hexe

Missile Crisis, the debut EP from Bolton four-piece Cuban Hexe, is a mish-mash of upbeat guitar riffs and murky basslines: imagine T-Rex’s ‘Get It On’ meets Arctic Monkeys. Opening track ‘Secrets’ sets the tone for the EP, with an energetic riff and vocals which almost turn into spoken word at points. The concepts are pretty […]Read More

EP Review: Buskin 4 Diamonds // Jason Allan

The last decade has seen a whole host of talented singer-songwriters burst onto the music charts worldwide; Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran are just two of these established and popular musicians. Jason Allan is from the same mould and could easily join the ranks of these phenomenally successful artists with his debut EP: Buskin 4 […]Read More

EP Review: Ego Trip // Parka

Parka’s Ego Trip EP is a worthy investment indeed. From the opening second of the anthemic ‘Friend’, you know this band is going to knock your socks off. The racing melody is perfect for their live set-up; the band injects inordinate amounts of energy into their performances. It’s refreshing that on record the tracks are […]Read More

EP Review: This Boat Is Definitely Sinking // Macatier

Surrey-based solo artist Macatier (real name Dan Brown) released his 3rd studio EP, This Boat Is Definitely Sinking, in early December. Brown has often cited Blink-182 as one of his influences, and this shines through in the EP; he manages to convey a lot of that classic pop punk emotion even though the tracks are […]Read More

EP Review: 95 // Harry Clouston

Newcastle singer-songwriter Harry Clouston’s debut EP 95 is a wonderful mix of slow acoustic tracks and more upbeat guitar rock, similar to something you might hear from Damien Rice. On my first listen, I was really blown away by the professional sound, especially considering all the instruments – bar one drum part – were played […]Read More

EP Review: ‘Neath The Moon // Loor a Los Heroes

‘Neath The Moon is the latest release from Loor a Los Heroes, a delightful jangly entity that’s bound to get your head bopping – embarrassingly, as I found – if you listen to it in public. ‘Lucy’ is a carefully controlled little number with a dominating vocal that compliments the percussion perfectly. When we reviewed […]Read More

EP Review: Lost In The Night // Palace

Palace’s ‘Lost In The Night’ EP is a record that oneself can truly get lost in. The lead vocal is full of meaty substance and is not dissimilar to bands such as Dog Is Dead or The Crookes. The rhetorical “why am I bitter, bitter, bitter?” is made for being chanted back to the band […]Read More

EP Review: Masquerade // The Brookes

Opener ‘Fade Away’ has a melody that is best described as liquid endorphins – it’s a whirlwind listen from start to finish. The vocal is driving and powerful and the catchy instrumental even more so. “Maybe I wanna fade away / from all the things you said” is a line that is simply made for […]Read More