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Track Review: Dishes // Lauv

‘Dishes’ is all about the little things. Even the unwashed ones that piled up on the kitchen side. It’s clear straight away that this track was written with a certain individual in mind. Rising pop sensation Lauv has released a surprise brand-new quarantine-made EP, Without You. This 4-track EP is made up of songs written […]Read More

EP Review: how will i rest in peace if i’m

KennyHoopla has come bursting into this fragmented world with intense open eyes and a gaping heart with debut EP how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? //. Kenny La’ron is an Alternative and Indie LA-based artist born in Cleveland. After his first single ‘Waves//’ released in 2017, he has created […]Read More

Interview: Sylvia Din

“For every glass high-rise building there’s always some guy vomiting on his shoes. That’s what I pick up on.” A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at home listening to the latest batch of songs submitted to The Indiependent. There was the usual clutch of indie bands, folk artists, the odd R&B singer, and some […]Read More

EP Review: It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds // The

The Covasettes play energetic indie rock in the spirit of fellow Mancunians, The Courteeners, but they add their own flavour with a sound that reflects British summertime. Their recent EP, It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds is an upbeat release full of passion, that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The opener, […]Read More

EP Review: Hellucination // Betty Moon

Betty Moon is a unique force. Her music incorporates a wide range of influences including electro-pop, rock, and soul. On her new EP Hellucination, she allows these sounds to manifest into a driving passionate listen. The EP opens with ‘Save My Soul.’ It is a strong combination of an infectious synth melody and a driving […]Read More

Interview: Two Ways Home

Closest Stranger is the latest offering from country duo Two Ways Home, and the high quality, gutsy country EP was reviewed on The Indiependent a few weeks ago, which you can read in full here. We got to chat to Isabella and Lewis more about their new EP, why they both feel a strong connection […]Read More

EP Review: Closest Stranger // Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home produce country music with an authentic American sound – a couple of years back they released their EP Better Days, which received critical applause and acclaim all around. Two years have passed and they have now released another four-track collection, the Closest Stranger EP, making it their third release. The folky duo […]Read More

Interview: Seramic

I had the opportunity to chat with Seramic and find out more about his current musical project, why he chooses to go the extra mile and create artistic, dynamic visuals for his tracks, how he found his experience performing over in the States and much more… The Indiependent: When did you first start your current […]Read More

EP Review: Secret Cameras (Self-Titled)

If you happen to be a believer in the cyclical nature of local indie scenes, you may be wondering when the capital will next produce a band that will have you leaping out of your skinny jeans with interest. This is where the shot pans to Secret Cameras. Something of a motley crew of ex-members […]Read More

EP Review: Visions // Mellt

Mellt have released their second EP, titled Visions, and as the name suggests, this 4-track work is one tiny ball of spacey, psychedelic dreams. Based in Vancouver, the alternative-psychedelic-rock band are proper underground at the moment, both metaphorically – relatively low, but slowly expanding following, and literally, due to the fact that the album has […]Read More

EP Review: Weekend Lover // WAX

Blending a unique mix of 80s synth pop and contemporary indie rock, Weekend Lover, the debut EP from London/Tunbridge Wells four piece WAX, exemplifies perfectly the band’s diverse musical abilities and interesting synthesis of genres. Playing on themes such as loneliness, lust, and present day conceptions of masculinity, the release expresses the highs and lows of […]Read More

EP Review: Headspin // Black Honey

Jumping onto the new music radar back in 2014 with the release of their eponymous debut EP, Brighton bunch Black Honey immediately became a fresh addition to the thriving garage-rock scene that inspired last year’s now flourished bands, including the likes of Wolf Alice and JAWS. Continuing to drip-feed material like Madonna and Corrine throughout […]Read More

The Strokes announce New EP ‘Future Present Past’

Three years after the last collection of new music from The Strokes (Comedown Machine in 2013) and the band have announced the release of their new EP ‘Future Past Present’ and consists of three new songs ‘Oblivius’, ‘Drag Queen’ and ‘Threat of Joy’ (plus a remix of Oblivius by Fab Moretti). In the past three […]Read More

EP Review: Only For Uz // Baywaves

Signed to Barcelona-based Foehn Records, Spanish newcomers Baywaves somehow weave themselves between Empire of the Sun and Tame Impala with a psych-soaked sound in the form of their new four-track EP, Only For Uz. Formerly a two-piece, the fresh and clean-cut band hold themselves in the way any upcoming band should: with a strong promise […]Read More