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Track Review: Half Smoke // Walrus

Walrus is a psychedelic band from Canada. They’ve gained a reputation for being incredibly hardworking, and recently released a new single, ‘Half Smoke’. The track itself is seeped in psychedelia, from its swirly Tame Impala-influenced guitars right down to the calming vocals. It’s a perfect song to relax to, however, the video is anything but. […]Read More

Interview: Rednex

You may remember Rednex because ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ was everywhere in the 90s – still retaining its popularity today. A hillbilly tribute with dance-influenced beats, it’s a ridiculously fun song. But the band have returned with a new track, ‘Manly Man’, which also has a relentless energy. The track is the bands first new release […]Read More

EP Review: Hellucination // Betty Moon

Betty Moon is a unique force. Her music incorporates a wide range of influences including electro-pop, rock, and soul. On her new EP Hellucination, she allows these sounds to manifest into a driving passionate listen. The EP opens with ‘Save My Soul.’ It is a strong combination of an infectious synth melody and a driving […]Read More

Album Review: Hartsick // Our Hollow Our Home

Our Hollow Our Home have been making a huge impression on the local metalcore scene. Their frequent gigs around the South Coast, including Portsmouth, Winchester, and a homecoming show at the Joiners in Southampton have caught the eye of Kerrang and Metal Hammer. After much anticipation, they will release their debut album Hartsick on 3rd […]Read More

Track Review: I Spend My Days – Wishing Them Away

Employed to Serve are a post-hardcore band with a strong grindcore influence. Describing themselves as “nasty hardcore”, they have a knack of mixing ferocious explosive screams with heavy, technical riffs, present on debut album, ‘Greyer Than You Remember’. The band will release their comeback album The Warmth of a Dying Sun’ in May, previewed by […]Read More