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The People’s Vote: Democracy or Heresy?

Brexit: it’s a word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment (though begrudgingly for most of us). Over two years have elapsed since one of the most historic and divisive political controversies in recent times. Two years, several legal challenges and a host of ministerial resignations later, very little seems to have been resolved. […]Read More

A Call to Arms: the Young Should Spit at the

As someone who currently has the European fence stuck firmly between each buttock; I would like to suggest the case for Brexit as I see it, for the sake of objectivity and democracy, in reply to the recent article by a colleague entitled ‘What’s The Point In Brexit?’. So, to shoot the elephant in the […]Read More

What’s the point in Brexit?

On the 23rd of June Britain will be making the most important choice in a generation: a choice between isolation or unity. Much of the reason why this referendum is even taking place is because of the massive issues the EU has been facing since the financial crash of 2008. With the backdrop of weak […]Read More

8 Steps to Studying in Europe: A Guide for EU/EEA

If you’re in your final year of education, now is probably a good time to start thinking about the future. Don’t worry, I am not here to lecture you. The question, “what do you intend to do with your life?” has probably popped up all too often and the last thing you need is another person […]Read More

The Refugee Crisis

I’d like to begin this by saying, it’s a refugee crisis, not a migrant crisis. Nearly every headline of the newspapers for the past fortnight concerned the “migrants” fleeing from their countries. A migrant is someone who moves country in order to find better working or living conditions, hoping to find a better life. A […]Read More

Eurosceptic Fever: Should Britain Remain In The EU?

With four million voting in favour of UKIP on May 7th, Euroscepticism is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept. Conservative MPs continuously rebel against their party’s bills to put forward their discontent about the UK’s position within the European Union and a Eurosceptic branch on the left-wing is also increasing in popularity, with one of its […]Read More

What on Earth is going on with Greece?

Owen Jones, among many other political journalists, was quick to clarify that the Greeks’ decision to reject EU bailout proposals following a referendum on Sunday was a ‘win for democracy’. The ‘No’ result – winning with 61% of the votes and forming the majority decision in all Greek constituencies and sub-regions, showed that Greece was […]Read More