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Travelling To: Côte d’Azur, France

Known for its beautiful azure-blue water giving it its name, the Côte d’Azur has a reputation of being the go-to travel destination of the rich and famous. Stretching from Cassis to Menton near the Italian border, this part of the French coast is lined with star-studded towns like Cannes and nondescript fisher-towns alike. Top Attractions […]Read More

Travelling To: Berlin, Germany

German art critic and writer Karl Scheffler wrote in 1910 that “Berlin is a city that never is, but is always in the process of becoming.” 120 years on, this statement could not be more true. Berlin is a city in flux, battling with its national socialist demons of the past whilst simultaneously infusing its […]Read More

Film News: Brexit set to have profound negative effect on

In this political pandemonium created by Britain’s vote to exit the EU where the value of our currency is dropping faster than the Labour shadow cabinet and angry posts litter your social media feeds, it seems that one very important area of impact is being overlooked: Culture. Whilst freedom of movement, currency values, employment, political […]Read More

We must hold government responsible over the Panama papers

The recent leak of 11.5 million documents from Panamanian-based law firm Mossack Fonseca has sparked global outrage. And quite rightly so. 143 politicians from around the world, 12 of whom are current or former national leaders, were revealed to be evading the law and going to every length to avoid paying tax. Yet the British […]Read More

The Refugee Crisis

I’d like to begin this by saying, it’s a refugee crisis, not a migrant crisis. Nearly every headline of the newspapers for the past fortnight concerned the “migrants” fleeing from their countries. A migrant is someone who moves country in order to find better working or living conditions, hoping to find a better life. A […]Read More

Eurosceptic Fever: Should Britain Remain In The EU?

With four million voting in favour of UKIP on May 7th, Euroscepticism is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept. Conservative MPs continuously rebel against their party’s bills to put forward their discontent about the UK’s position within the European Union and a Eurosceptic branch on the left-wing is also increasing in popularity, with one of its […]Read More