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England Should Follow Wales’ Example and Make a Decision on

When news broke that Wales were cancelling exams for GCSE and A-Level pupils I was ecstatic. As a tutor who helps mainly GCSE English pupils, I know how stressful the pandemic has been for these students.  After the government’s mishandling of the results system last summer, many of my pupils have been left feeling anxious […]Read More

Instead of reforming GCSEs, let’s go Dutch

That’s right, folks. 2017 is the year of the new GCSE marking system for English and Maths, with grades numbered 9-1 being given out instead of letters. As this rather idealised video shows, fewer students will be able to achieve the top grade of nine than have previously been achieving the top grade of A*. […]Read More

The Plague of Post-Exam Zombiefication

As I lie down on my bed with my legs dangling over the edge, I once again go through my repetitive routine. Pick up my phone, scroll through social media, put it back down and sigh. I’ve but finished my exams and already I feel… Listless, languid, lethargic. Surely, I shouldn’t be so bored when […]Read More

Learning to write again: the struggle of A-levels with a

In the depths of December 2014 whist I was cramming for A-Level mocks, my History teacher suggested I visited the deputy Head’s Office. There, she sat me down and informed me that the school wanted to test me for a learning difficulty. Writing had always been a challenge; as a child my spelling was so […]Read More

18 Films for Post-Exam Season

It’s June and if you’re older than 15 you’ve either finished exams or are just about to finish. Whether you’re in Year 11, Sixth Form or University you can all relate to the horrifying stress of exam season. But knowing what to do with yourself when your exams are finished can be tough – you’ve […]Read More