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Album Review: Cenizas // Nicolas Jaar

You’ve heard it before: musician banishes themselves to a remote corner of the world with nothing but a guitar, a synth and their ego. They emerge a year later with an album, having ‘found themselves’ and probably grown a beard. Despite the cliché, these tales of self-exile are often behind the most interesting albums, particularly […]Read More

Track Review: Of Heart // Bitch Falcon

Making the transition from live staple to studio epic, Dublin trio Bitch Falcon have released their latest single ‘Of Heart’ as a fan favourite from their notoriously rambunctious live shows. Following their sold out debut Irish headline tour, the band’s most melodic offering to date is six minutes of pure raw energy and impenetrable muddy […]Read More

Album Review: Kelly Lee Owens (Self-Titled)

Despite its billing as a ‘techno’ album, Kelly Lee Owens’ self-titled debut is that and a whole lot more. On last year’s Oleic EP, Owens exhibited her brand of emotionally-driven techno across a selection of four tracks that, while subtle and nuanced, still would have sat well in the club. Her debut album experiments further […]Read More

Album Review: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ // Kid Cudi

Originally scheduled for September, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ is finally here. Delayed due to sampling issues, more important news broke shortly after: Scott Mescudi – aka Kid Cudi – was in rehabilitation for “depression and suicidal urges”. As anyone who has suffered from mental health issues will know, talking about the subject is hard, […]Read More

Single Review: ArmageddingItOn // Diagonal People

Art-music fusionists, Diagonal People have dropped their debut single. ‘ArmageddingItOn’ is an enticingly visualistic experience, even when your eyes aren’t glued to the rarefied video accompanying their first track. These Swindonian art freaks go beyond the conventions, creating another-worldly sound. I can’t quite pin it down to anything yet, but the sonic vibrations and fluid, primeval […]Read More

Album Review: E. A St. // Pastel Motel

There’s an enthralling sense of fearlessness brimming in Pastel Motel‘s sophomore LP, E. A St.. The followup to the alternative four-piece’s 2013 debut Subject is Subjective begins with a majestic three-part trip into pure neo-psychedelia interspersed with some starry space-pop, clocking in at nearly 17 minutes. It’s a bold opening that sees the band diving right into the intriguing experimentation that was teased on their […]Read More