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7 Weird And Wonderful Panels From PAX Online x EGX

One of the many smaller losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the loss of physical games conventions. The numerous flashy booths constructed from pure marketing power, the fun conversations with tired indie devs on the final day, the overpriced snacks on the convention floor. I suppose there’s some cool games as well. […]Read More

5 DLC Ideas That Should Be Added To Fallout 4

Recently, Bethesda announced new, long-awaited downloadable content (DLC) for hit RPG Fallout 4. The 3 DLC’s were met with lukewarm reception, with some branding the new content disappointing, while others said the ideas, including a Pokemon-esque catching and battling system, were just plain gimmicky and/or stupid. So, here are 5 ideas Bethesda should have considered […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Fallout 4

Title: Fallout 4 Developer: Bethesda What I Think: Fallout 4 is an example of a developer doing what they do best and, in the case of Bethesda, that’s open-world RPG games with survival and turn-based-combat elements.  The hype train for Fallout 4 was firing on all cylinders, partly because of the money thrown behind it and partly because of the […]Read More

The Month in Games – November 2015

With the holiday season fast approaching, there is a vast selection of games released this month as many of the most anticipated games of the year finally hits stores. Need For Speed Set in the streets of Ventura City, players have the chance to explore the city and all it has offer to racers of […]Read More

Gaming News: Gamescom 2015 – Roundup

As Gamescom 2015 closes it’s doors for another year, there have been a lot of announcements, trailers and news for fans across the event. For our coverage of the Microsoft and EA briefings follow the links, then take a look at some other headlines from the show.   One of the most surprising announcements during […]Read More

Gaming News: No More Pip-Boys

When it was announced at E3 that Fallout 4 would feature an exclusive Pip-Boy edition for fans to pre order, the excitement was palpable and pre order opening couldn’t come fast enough. This special edition of the game, to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 10th, would feature a copy […]Read More