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Why Do We Use Endearments?

Within close, loving relationships, why don’t we always just stick with given names when addressing our significant others? Well, everyone calls your girlfriend by her name. But you want something special, a name that only you call her, a name that when she hears it, she smiles because she knows it’s you. And so, because […]Read More

Voicenotes And The Rise Of Audio

“Hi?” I say awkwardly.  The little microphone icon flashes red while I scramble to think of something to say. I spend ten whole minutes agonising over how best to reply to an audio message I have just received via WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging service used by more than two billion people around the globe. […]Read More

‘Babyteeth’ And The Dysfunctional Family

Directed by Shannon Murphy, coming-of-age dramedy Babyteeth depicts the blossoming romance between 16-year-old Milla (Eliza Scanlen) and Moses (Toby Wallace) in the foreground of Milla’s cancer recurrence. Perverse, striking, and poignant, it’s hard to argue that Babyteeth isn’t a triumph. Whether you’re watching for Scanlen’s mesmerising performance, achy young adult romance, sensitive portrayals of mental illness and drug […]Read More

The Power Of Nostalgia In A Pandemic

Nostalgia: a sentimental feeling towards an element of your past. Sometimes saddening, sometimes happy but always shared. I often get told I am too nostalgic and that I am too young to feel this way about aspects of my childhood.  I disagree. Nostalgia is a universal comfort blanket for the young and old alike.  It […]Read More

Book Review: Summer with my Sister // Lucy Diamond

I recently finished reading Summer with my Sister by Lucy Diamond, and found it to be an enchanting and witty summer read. When successful high-flyer Polly Johnson is made redundant from her glamorous city job in London, her world falls apart. Having worked her way up the career ladder, it comes as a huge shock […]Read More