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Book By My Bedside: My Salinger Year // Joanna Rakoff

The cover of this book caught my eye immediately in the book shop and pretty much said it all. An orange sunburst umbrella making its way though the streets of New York. The colourful paperback was propped proudly on the New Releases shelf. Despite the fact I had only entered the book shop in order […]Read More

Democracy is failing in the UK, and it’s the fault

The run-up to the recent general election dominated social media and the press for several weeks. It engaged thousands of voters and non-voters with the arguments and policies of the six or seven main parties, and sparked debate and discussion over the key issues. It also highlighted the reasons to turn out and vote: images […]Read More

Single Review: Breathe // Knaves

Sheffield foursome, Knaves, have graced our ears with another stellar aural construction in the form of their debut single ‘Breathe’. Having already received airplay from BBC Introducing here in the Steel City, it’s clear that this band is making consistent progress as they hone their feel-good indie pop sound. ‘Breathe’ is an infectious little number, […]Read More

Music: Pet Peeves at Gigs

We have all experienced a gig where something has gone wrong. Whether it’s the annoying couple in front of you who won’t stop with the kissing or just being stood behind a ridiculously tall person, The Indiependent have put together some of our top pet peeves. Enjoy! Pushers Like most people, I like to head […]Read More

Album Review: BUSH // Snoop Dogg

It’s the D-O-Double G. Yes, after experimenting with his Jamaican roots and starting anew with a new stage name ‘Snoop Lion’, Snoop Dogg is finally back on the scene. With his classic name and classic flow, he has produced BUSH, a brand new addition to his timeless catalogue. It has been around 2 years since Snoop’s last offering […]Read More

Album Review: Sound & Color // Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes are quite possibly one of the best new bands around. While successfully touring across the Atlantic with high demand and a comfortable record deal under their belts with infamous British indie label Rough Trade, they remain modest and true to their roots. Their sound consists of soulful, progressive blues with their very own […]Read More

Our Last 10p: Busking

Walking through your local town, it’s inevitable you’ll be caught between the faint sound of an old guitar being strummed and an artist taking to the street as if it’s their centre stage. It takes a lot of guts, ambition and talent to put yourself out there and perform in front of people you know, […]Read More

Album Review: Danger In The Club // Palma Violets

Monday the 4th of May brought the long-awaited release of Danger In The Club, Palma Violets’ follow-up to 180. When they came together as a group in 2010, frontmen Chilli Jesson and Sam Fryer started the ensemble of their eclectic mix of modernised 70s rock and emotive lyrics before creating their first album 180 (named […]Read More

Electoral Reform and What It Would Mean For The UK

In the days following the General Election, one strand of discontent has been shown to dominate others. The unfairness of the United Kingdom electoral system became evident over the election night, with the number of votes for political parties failing to match seats and therefore the amount of power they now hold as the opposition […]Read More

The morning after the night before

Greetings dear reader, if you stumbled into the kitchen this morning not from bed, but from the television, with the voice of David Dimbleby ringing in your ears like political tinnitus. Greetings, if you watched last night’s seats be counted through the gate of government like multi-coloured sheep, herded by the familiar pomposity of the […]Read More

Making the Jump: From Small to Silver Screen

With the highly anticipated Spooks: The Greater Good about to hit cinemas, it follows in the footsteps of many films before it. Starting out on television and now making the jump to the silver screen, it’s one of many in a tradition going back decades. To list every single adaptation would take a while, so […]Read More

Track Review: Destination // Fluir

Meet Australian indie pop singer-songwriter Fluir. Cloaked behind the moniker is Siobhan Krelle, who after a two-year hiatus from music has returned with her thought provoking debut single ‘Destination’. Working closely with friend Matt D’Arcy of Basin Records, the Melbourne-based performer has developed a distinct arrangement. ‘Destination’ has a unique, uplifting and eerie quality to […]Read More

The Month in Films: May 2015

Exams are fast approaching, and in the midst of all that desperate revision and stress, you’re gonna need a breather. Luckily for you, we here at The Indiependent have it covered, as we highlight some of the best films hitting the shelves this month. Among May’s releases are some Oscar-winning beauties – ranging from biopics […]Read More