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The Top 10 Debut Rock Albums

As turbulent as the current climate is, all the extra time we’re spending indoors offers an opportunity to practice reflective listening. We’ve revisited some of the best pieces of music history, albums that shaped the landscape of what we listen to today. Here’s a round up of the top ten debut rock albums. 10. Ten […]Read More

5 Albums to Enhance Your Quarantine Routine

I really don’t need to tell or remind you that we’re living in strange times. If you’re anything like me, you became completely desensitised to the word ‘unprecedented’ a month ago, and between the Zooms and painstaking celebrity live streams have been attempting to find some sense of escapism in the dystopia we now call normalcy. […]Read More

What Does the Future Hold for LGBTQ+ Spaces?

It is easy to feel bleak about the future of queer spaces. According to UCL research, 58% of LGBTQ+ bars in London closed their doors between 2006 -2016. The main reason for this was found to be development, the sanitisation and gentrification of the capital. And London isn’t the only place that has been affected; […]Read More

Disco Fever Strikes Again

When we think of disco, we think of Sister Sledge, the Village People and Michael Jackson; groovy basslines and shimmering synths — a call to dance with no regard for tomorrow, in the words of Martha Reeves. Its heyday may seem confined to the faded neon-emblazoned LPs of the late 70s and early 80s, but the […]Read More

Olivia Emily’s Top 5 Alternative Running Tracks

In lockdown, with the government mandating one trip outside per day for exercise, a lot of Britons are picking up running and cycling to resist the ensuing cabin fever. I am one of these people.  I’m a newbie, but I had taken all the steps to prepare myself – buying the right shoes, planning the […]Read More

50 Years On From The Beatles’ Final Album

Let It Be was released fifty years ago on this day (8 May), but the anniversary of the Beatles’ final studio album just serves as another reminder of the generational transcendence and influence of their music.  It also recalls the fractious nature of their demise and the emotionally-charged recording sessions — but regardless, the band […]Read More