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‘Safe Spaces’ Tries Its Best To Make The Offender The

In our post-#MeToo world, Safe Spaces does its best to create a story from the point of view of a naïve teacher defending himself from abuse accusations. But does this work? The film, which is directed and written by Daniel Schechter, focuses on Josh Cohn (Justin Long), a creative writing professor in New York City. […]Read More

‘Happiest Season’ Is So Much More Than A Gay Christmas

Happiest Season was described by one of its lead actors, Kristen Stewart, simply as “a gay Christmas film.” She’s not wrong. The mainstream film centers around a lesbian couple and its narrative features a coming out story. However, after watching this new festive rom-com for myself, Stewart’s short, sharp description doesn’t sit well with me, […]Read More

‘Cocoon’ Is A Raw Coming-Of-Ager That Flies: Review

It’s summer in Berlin in 2018, and fourteen-year old Nora is about to experience the full ferocity of everything life can throw at a teenager. Including, but not limited to: drugs, periods, dip-dyed hair and heartbreak. Thanks to one fateful meeting with Romy, she also begins to explore her own sexuality. I went in knowing […]Read More

‘Lost At Christmas’ Takes A Few Wrong Turns, But Gets

As a passionate Scot, I thought my review of Lost At Christmas could only go one of two ways. Either I was going to embrace every cheesy, clichéd moment of ‘Scotland’s first Christmas Movie,’ shamelessly pointing at every Scottish landmark I could find. Or, I was going to be humming and hawing at every inaccuracy and overplayed […]Read More

‘A Christmas Carol’ — A Familiar Tale In An Entirely

*Spoilers ahead* (although I must admit, I would be shocked if you did not already know the plot) Another year, another adaptation of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Ordinarily, such news would be accompanied by an eye roll, or a sarcastic comment about the seeming lack of originality in modern film plots. However, in a […]Read More

‘Summer of 85’ is a Moving Queer Love Story: Review

Mischa Alexander reviews François Ozon’s Summer of 85, a touching queer love story set in France in the 1980s. Summer romance films are never going to get old, are they? There’s something about the bright colours, the enviable climate and the tranquil settings that make all of us lean in and wish we could watch […]Read More

‘Frida Kahlo’ – The Love, Life and Loneliness of an

Frida Kahlo, the latest documentary film by Exhibition on Screen, is an in-depth and immersive look into the life of the iconic Mexican artist. Directed by Ali Ray, it goes beyond the bright colours, bold brows and traditional Tehuana styling for which Kahlo is known and delves deeper into her story, who she was as […]Read More

‘Body of Water’ is a poignant look at the impact

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to eating disorder behaviours. After working as an acclaimed war photographer, Stephanie begins to document her own internal war against a terrifying disease in Body of Water. Body of Water violently breaks down barriers and forces the viewer to face a reality that is huge in our society, but […]Read More

‘The Intruder’ – an intriguing aural nightmare: LFF Review

Erica Riva plays a traumatised woman drowning in the sound of her own nightmares in this De Palma-esque thriller. The Intruder is an unnerving Argentine thriller from Natalia Meta, that sets out to explore how PTSD can manifest itself in the wake of horrific events. Erica Riva plays Inès, a fortysomething woman who relies on […]Read More

‘Eyimofe’- A Touching Tale of Life and Love: LFF Review

Black History Month will be seen differently by white audiences this year. The rallying cries from the Black community finally awakened white members of society not just in the US, but across the globe. With many from the white community standing in solidarity with their Black and minority neighbours, people are finally accepting and attempting […]Read More