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Gaming: FIFA 21 Feature Wish List

One of the most exciting times of the year for FIFA fans is almost here. On June 18th EA is set to officially unveil the next iteration of the famous franchise, FIFA 21. Over the course of the subsequent three months leading up to the game’s September release, we are sure to be inundated with […]Read More

Finally, Justice for the 96

On the 15th April 1989, Liverpool FC was set to play Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s football ground, Hillsborough, in the FA Cup semi-final. Six minutes in, the game was stopped. A crush had developed in the pens, leading to the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans. 94 people died on the day, followed by Lee […]Read More

Does the NFL Care About Women?

In recent months, the American media has seemed to focus a lot on the National Football League and its players’ scandals. The NFL has continuously and serially completely mishandled cases of violence against women.  As a female football fan and a human being, this is appalling. Last year Ray Rice, a running back from Baltimore, was […]Read More

Under the Microscope: FIFA 16 Soundtrack

FIFA 16. The latest instalment in EA’s huge video game franchise is due out on September 22nd. Every year the game gets a facelift with fresh graphics, a new cover star and of course a new soundtrack. To some it is merely something in the background, but to most it’s songs they’re going to be […]Read More