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TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E6 – ‘The Iron Throne’

‘Do not be sad that it is over. Be happy that it happened.’ I can’t help but apply this term to the end of Game of Thrones: one of the most popular, influential and ground-breaking television shows of all time. Yes, I know, we’re all sad and angry (some more than others considering the petition […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E5 – ‘The Bells’

The third (and final) review from your Game of Thrones novice here, but judging by this episode, it seems like the writers haven’t watched the last six series either, so not much catching up was needed. As a cinematic feat, ‘The Bells’ is a masterpiece, deftly moving between the action of the climactic battle of […]Read More

Why you should watch ‘Chernobyl’

I know! The title isn’t original in the slightest but this is important. Television and film for the past few weeks have be dominated with the likes of Game of Thrones and Marvel…my opinions on those will remain reserved but it’s understandable! They are both conclusions to a cultural dynasty that have defined their respected […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E4 – ‘The Last of

Everyone grab your misplaced Starbucks coffee cups, it’s time for another review from a guy who’s only watched two series! It’s pleasing to see that the climactic events of the last episode haven’t been brushed under the rug, as we’re granted a final farewell to the fallen in a moving sequence that also hammered home […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E3 – ‘The Long Night’

Having only just finished series two of the biggest show on television, I find myself in an unusual predicament – reviewing perhaps the most anticipated episode of the series ever. There was practically no point in me trying to avoid spoilers at this stage; I see more memes and tweets about the show than I […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E2 – ‘A Knight of

The second episode of Game of Thrones’ final season was titled ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,’ or – more aptly – The One Where Jaime Lannister Gave Fleabag’s Hot Priest A Run For His Money in the Contest For the Sexiest Delivery Of The Word “Kneel.” Booze, sex, tears and tenderness – surprisingly, we […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S8E1 – ‘Winterfell’

With the final season of the universally-loved Game of Thrones having kicked off on Sunday night to a record-breaking 18 million viewers on HBO alone, The Indiependent will be reviewing the episodes week by week, as we get closer to finding out who will grace the Iron Throne. The first episode of the last ever […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S7E7 – ‘The Dragon and

At almost 80 minutes long, The Dragon and The Wolf still only just manages to cram in everything needed to tie up all the season’s loose ends. It was managed thanks to a dialogue-driven episode that saw reunions, revelations and resolutions galore, but still left enough questions to leave us in a state of perpetual […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S7E6 – ‘Beyond the Wall’

The stakes get higher and the fighting fiercer in the penultimate instalment of what we must surely all now acknowledge as the most enjoyable TV show of all time, ever; Game of Thrones. However, whilst the quality of the show’s production or the scale of its action sequences cannot be questioned, have the writers decided to forego logic and plausibility in favour of pure entertainment?Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones S7E5 – ‘Eastwatch’

After last week’s episode, it’s hard not to feel a bit underwhelmed by ‘Eastwatch’. “Where were the explosions?” you might be tempted to shout, petulantly, “more fire!”. This is understandable; last week we were given lots of pay-offs. Arya reunited with Sansa and then Bran; Jon and Dany went spelunking; Brienne and Arya had a […]Read More

TV Review: American Gods – Season One

The last 12 months of TV have been pretty incredible, to say the least. We’ve had Legion, Atlanta, Preacher and Westworld, and whilst watching the season finale of American Gods, I thought to myself, ‘This is show is way-way-way better than it should be.’ Our main character is Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), after being released […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

Battles have been staged, storylines have become intertwined and *R+L=J HAS BEEN CONFIRMED*; in short, the sixth season of Game of Thrones could easily be its best to date. Between the devastating reason why ‘Hodor’ says ‘Hodor’, immense spectacle in episodes nine and ten, and Daenerys finally setting sail to Westeros… there is much to […]Read More

TV Review: The Winds of Winter // Game of Thrones

It has become the trend that the penultimate episode of a Game of Thrones Season is the biggest, best and boldest, yet while this has been the case for almost every season, I have to concede that The Winds of Winter has managed to out-do Battle of the Bastards. While it may not be as action-packed as its […]Read More

TV News: HBO’s Westworld trailer released

HBO have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Science Fiction/thriller TV series Westworld, based on the 1973 film of the same name. The trailer splices a visceral Western backdrop and gun slinging action with mysterious science fiction and androids. It will be produced by J.J. Abrams and Jonathon Nolan (Christopher’s brother) and the series […]Read More