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The Month in Games – October 2018

October’s selection of games will have players taking a road trip like no other, writing their own chapter in a Greek epic, testing their skills in the ring, fighting for their lives and trying to find a balance between good and evil before heading to the Old West for a new adventure.Read More

The Month in Games – March 2018

The titles up for grabs in March will take players across a wide range of new gaming experiences. From exploring new words, an epic fight for humanity’s survival, high jinks on the high seas and a new classic co-op adventure, there will be something for everyone this month.Read More

The Month in Games – November 2017

For the penultimate month of 2017, gamers will be able to explore epic battles from history, race their way to domination, build new worlds and live their dream life with a little bit of Lego and Pokemon to collect before heading for a galaxy far, far, away.Read More