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Game At A Glance: Fallout 4

Title: Fallout 4 Developer: Bethesda What I Think: Fallout 4 is an example of a developer doing what they do best and, in the case of Bethesda, that’s open-world RPG games with survival and turn-based-combat elements.  The hype train for Fallout 4 was firing on all cylinders, partly because of the money thrown behind it and partly because of the […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Title: Sir, You Are Being Hunted Developer: Big Robot What I Think: Sir, You Are Being Hunted (or just ‘Sir..’ because typing out the whole title is strenuous and repetitive for both me, the writer, and you, the reader) is an atmospheric indie semi-horror survival game. Yes, we did a similar game last month in the […]Read More

The Month in Games – November 2015

With the holiday season fast approaching, there is a vast selection of games released this month as many of the most anticipated games of the year finally hits stores. Need For Speed Set in the streets of Ventura City, players have the chance to explore the city and all it has offer to racers of […]Read More

The Month in Games: October 2015

Among this month’s game releases are some collections for next-gen and new chapters for beloved franchises from the worlds of sport, music and action. __________________________________________________________________________ Fallout Anthology In this special box set, PC gamers will be able to play thorough the entire Fallout collection so far, ahead of the release of Fallout 4 in November. […]Read More

My Life in Games: Elliott Jones

I’ve always been a gamer, ever since I picked up the controller on my Dad’s PS1. I played the classics, FIFA 99, Croc, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, etc… It wasn’t until I got my PS2 that I developed my real passion and love for gaming. I’ve always been more of a Playstation guy, although I did have a […]Read More

The Month in Games: September 2015

Among the games being released in September are a post apocalyptic combat adventure, new titles from the world of sport and a chance to literally create any world for a certain plumber to travel through.   Mad Max Based on the blockbuster film series comes the Mad Max video game. In this open world adventure, […]Read More

Gaming: Our Favourite Games on ‘Steam’

As anyone who enjoys gaming will know, Steam is a treasure chest of great games available for download across a variety of genres. Below we have compiled a few of our favourites available on the site, so be sure to check them out! Red Orchestra 2 Red Orchestra 2 comes from the cult developer Tripwire Interactive, who […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Insurgency

Title: Insurgency Developer: New World Interactive My thoughts: Insurgency is a tactical multiplayer shooter in the vein of Medal of Honor (the good ones, not the panned recent ones) and Counter-Strike. You play as either the security forces or the insurgents, with their inevitable black balaclavas and AK-47’s. The gameplay bears a strong resemblance to […]Read More

Game at a Glance: Sound Shapes

Title: Sound Shapes Developer(s): Queasy Games and SCE Santa Monica Studio My Thoughts: Having downloaded Sound Shapes simply because it was free (on PlayStation+), not much was expected of this strange and colourful little game. After just a short session however the appeals of the game became clear: the importance of sound creates an immersive […]Read More

My Life in Games: Gabriel Rutherford

I shudder to think how much time I’ve spent gaming in the last 9 years. I started gaming when I was but a wide-eyed child, mystified by the world around me and just starting Primary school.  Not to give too much away but quite a lot – well, nearly everything in my life – has changed […]Read More

My Life in Games: Megan Roxburgh

Every gamer has a story to tell. It might be about the first time they ever picked up a controller or put a cartridge into a hand-held, the games they stayed up all night playing or those hidden gems they found by chance. My story may not be as long as some of my gamers in arms, […]Read More

The Month in Games: August 2015

For this first Month in Games feature, there’s something for everyone. From retro gaming to remastering and a world of Infinite possibilities in a galaxy far, far away… Rare Replay To celebrate 30 years of gaming, Rare will release a 30 game compilation exclusively on Xbox One. Featuring classic titles such as Perfect Dark, Battletoads, […]Read More

Who’s Who: Assassin’s Creed

With the latest instalment of this franchise – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – due for release later in the year, now might be a good time to brush up on Assassins past and take a look back at the protagonists so far. So here’s a quick guide to the playable characters in the main series. All of […]Read More