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My Life in Games: Elliott Jones

I’ve always been a gamer, ever since I picked up the controller on my Dad’s PS1. I played the classics, FIFA 99, Croc, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, etc… It wasn’t until I got my PS2 that I developed my real passion and love for gaming. I’ve always been more of a Playstation guy, although I did have a […]Read More

The Month in Games: September 2015

Among the games being released in September are a post apocalyptic combat adventure, new titles from the world of sport and a chance to literally create any world for a certain plumber to travel through.   Mad Max Based on the blockbuster film series comes the Mad Max video game. In this open world adventure, […]Read More

Gaming: Our Favourite Games on ‘Steam’

As anyone who enjoys gaming will know, Steam is a treasure chest of great games available for download across a variety of genres. Below we have compiled a few of our favourites available on the site, so be sure to check them out! Red Orchestra 2 Red Orchestra 2 comes from the cult developer Tripwire Interactive, who […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Insurgency

Title: Insurgency Developer: New World Interactive My thoughts: Insurgency is a tactical multiplayer shooter in the vein of Medal of Honor (the good ones, not the panned recent ones) and Counter-Strike. You play as either the security forces or the insurgents, with their inevitable black balaclavas and AK-47’s. The gameplay bears a strong resemblance to […]Read More

Game at a Glance: Sound Shapes

Title: Sound Shapes Developer(s): Queasy Games and SCE Santa Monica Studio My Thoughts: Having downloaded Sound Shapes simply because it was free (on PlayStation+), not much was expected of this strange and colourful little game. After just a short session however the appeals of the game became clear: the importance of sound creates an immersive […]Read More

My Life in Games: Gabriel Rutherford

I shudder to think how much time I’ve spent gaming in the last 9 years. I started gaming when I was but a wide-eyed child, mystified by the world around me and just starting Primary school.  Not to give too much away but quite a lot – well, nearly everything in my life – has changed […]Read More

My Life in Games: Megan Roxburgh

Every gamer has a story to tell. It might be about the first time they ever picked up a controller or put a cartridge into a hand-held, the games they stayed up all night playing or those hidden gems they found by chance. My story may not be as long as some of my gamers in arms, […]Read More

The Month in Games: August 2015

For this first Month in Games feature, there’s something for everyone. From retro gaming to remastering and a world of Infinite possibilities in a galaxy far, far away… Rare Replay To celebrate 30 years of gaming, Rare will release a 30 game compilation exclusively on Xbox One. Featuring classic titles such as Perfect Dark, Battletoads, […]Read More

Who’s Who: Assassin’s Creed

With the latest instalment of this franchise – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – due for release later in the year, now might be a good time to brush up on Assassins past and take a look back at the protagonists so far. So here’s a quick guide to the playable characters in the main series. All of […]Read More