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Peele, Miyazaki and More: Updating the Film Canon

Despite being the most recent medium of art, film has quickly shot up to our favourite consumption of entertainment. Like with most things we choose our favourites and ‘classics’, that cinephiles to casual watchers agree are timeless. Or at least, ‘worth the watch’. However, the usual list of ‘classic’ films can be quite limited in terms […]Read More

Horror Films, Cowardice and Me

In the run-up to Halloween, many film lovers want to watch a bloodcurdling horror. For others, the scariest film they can imagine watching is either The Addams Family or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Personally, I would happily remain on a strict diet of any movie with romantic walks in autumnal parks and well-knitted sweaters. The […]Read More

Film Review: Us

If Yorgos Lanthimos thought he was the only one that could do creepy and cryptic symbolism with rabbits, boy, was he wrong. Jordan Peele doesn’t shy away from combining horror with happiness; if the squirmish discomfort caused by seemingly cute rabbits wasn’t enough, wait until you see someone bludgeoned to death to the tune of […]Read More

Film Review: Get Out

After the long-term success as part of the comedy duo Key & Peele, Jordan Peele decided it was high time he got one of passion projects made, a social satire horror, Get Out. An African-American: Chris (Daniel Kayluuya) is invited to his caucasian girlfriend’s (Alison Bowman) parents home in the country. When mysterious events start […]Read More