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Girls Against: Fighting Gig Groping

It’s the night of the gig. The gig, you know – the one you’ve been anticipating for, like, ever.  You’ve payed twenty-something pounds for your ticket, and you’re majorly, majorly excited. You’re finally there, and the atmosphere is ethereal and exhilarating. But then your night is completely tarnished by some creep who decides the crowd is an appropriate place […]Read More

To film, or not to film?

He may have one of the most whimsical names in showbiz, but Benedict Cumberbatch is very much the man of the moment. His repertoire so far has been more than diverse; he’s put a bratty, modern spin on a Victorian super sleuth and given an inspiring performance as a brilliant WWII code cracker. Plus he’s pulled […]Read More

Music: Pet Peeves at Gigs

We have all experienced a gig where something has gone wrong. Whether it’s the annoying couple in front of you who won’t stop with the kissing or just being stood behind a ridiculously tall person, The Indiependent have put together some of our top pet peeves. Enjoy! Pushers Like most people, I like to head […]Read More