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Teaching To The Test: An Education System In Chaos

I haven’t properly understood the term ‘Groundhog Day’ until now. We all seem to be stuck in an endless loop of national lockdowns and rising infection rates. This feeling of déjà vu was heightened earlier this month, when Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary, announced that GCSE and A-Level exams would be canceled for the second year […]Read More

Calling NHS Staff ‘Heroes’ Does More Harm than Good

Twelve months ago, if someone said the word hero you might have thought of Spiderman, Superman, or the Avengers. Now you hear the word hero, and your mind drifts to a doctor, nurses, or keyworkers. The changes to the world in the last year have led society to change its views and opinions. Some people […]Read More

London Theatres Prepare To Open Doors, Whilst Other Cities Suffer

New Coronavirus regulations in England mean that London theatres will be allowed to reopen, while many other areas must keep their doors closed. The capital has been categorised a Tier 2 area, meaning indoor entertainment venues can reopen from 2ndDecember. However, cities like Manchester and Birmingham will face harsher restrictions as part of Tier 3. This […]Read More

The Glorious Gladiatorial Arena of Labour Factions

Suffering a decade out of power and in dire straits, the Labour party has recently adopted an innovative new electoral strategy. It is a party characterised by division; the boundaries between factions are marked by scars. What it has elected to do, then, is plug its fingers very firmly and deeply into those scars, tearing […]Read More

Government’s Culture Recovery Fund Causes Controversy

On Monday 12th October, The Arts Council of England released their first round of grants from the Culture Recovery Fund. 1,385 cinemas, theatres, concert halls and museums have received funding of up to £1 million to support local artists and employees, with a total of 257 million being distributed across UK venues. More announcements regarding […]Read More

Waiting In The Wings For An Industry To Return

Since the theatre industry’s final curtain call on 16th March 2020, the West End and other theatres across the UK have yet to fully reopen. Performers and crew members have been left waiting in the wings until theatreland can properly be resumed and enjoyed. We are yet to fully understand the overall effects of the […]Read More

Restoring the Status-Quo Should Not Be our Post-COVID Goal

The pandemic lockdowns sparked changes in society that would have been unthinkable just last year. Trapped indoors, the crisis has deprived everyone of their normal routines and transformed the way many of us think of the world surrounding us.  It has forced us to reshape our priorities and values and this is something that must […]Read More

Theatre News: National Theatre To Model Socially Distanced Shows

The National Theatre has begun it’s process of modelling reconfigured spaces in preparation for socially distanced shows. Throughout the lockdown period, The National Theatre streamed sixteen productions on YouTube for audiences to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Now that the government have announced outdoor performances can go ahead, the next step is […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: Lessons from Vietnam

Vietnam is a country known for many things: Mad motorbike traffic, a single-party communist government, a violent war, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and friendly people. Now, successfully dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that brought even the wealthiest countries in the world to their knees can be added to that list. As of July 21st, Vietnam’s […]Read More

Theatre News: Outdoor Performances To Go Ahead From This Weekend

After a long wait, theatre fans will finally be able to go and see a live performance at an outdoor venue. Coming off the back of the news that the government intends to give £1.57 billion to the arts industry, they have now announced from Saturday 11th July, outdoor performances can go ahead. Open-air performances, […]Read More

The Government’s Roadmap To Reopen Theatres: A Package Of Empty

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns around the world, has impacted on everyone. Every aspect of our lives has been changed radically – and many people have suffered as a result. The industry most disproportionately affected by Coronavirus is the arts and culture sector. Theatres and cultural venues across the UK were […]Read More