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Mourning the Loss of Hannibal

If you’re an avid TV watcher, you’ve been through the most painful experience for any fan: the premature cancellation of something you love. With NBC’s Hannibal being the most recent example of this type of tragedy and coming to an end this last week, I think it’s important to take a look back at some […]Read More

TV Review: Contorno // Hannibal S3E05

With Contorno we see the pace of the show picking up once again, and it becomes startlingly clear just how close Hannibal Lecter is to meeting his demise. Once accredited as a mastermind of the darkness and someone who had the capability to deceive those around him not just with skill but with artful precision, […]Read More

TV Review: Aperitivo // Hannibal S3E04

A slight jump back in time brings us face-to-face once again with Dr Frederick Chilton, and it appears he’s not the only one thirsty for revenge. Aperitivo unites those left beaten and battered by Hannibal Lecter’s rampage of terror in Mizumono (aptly dubbed by some fans as the ‘revenge squad’), paying close attention to the […]Read More

TV Review: Secondo // Hannibal S3E03

For a while now we have been teased and tormented about Hannibal’s past; conversations with Will about Mischa were the building blocks for the journey into his younger self, and it seems only right that we begin to delve into this past as the doctor grows closer to being caught. Fans of Thomas Harris and […]Read More

TV Review: Primavera // Hannibal S3E02

Despite last week’s hotly anticipated premiere giving us a refreshing look at the power relationship at play between Hannibal and Bedelia, it’s Primavera that really feels like the premiere episode. For most fans, the most tedious part of the gap between seasons was waiting to find out the fate of Will, Jack, Alana, and Abigail, […]Read More

TV Review: Antipasto // Hannibal S3E01

It’s been over a year since we last saw the devilishly delicious Hannibal on our screens, and in that year Bryan Fuller and co. have dropped numerous tasty morsels to wet our appetite. For those of us desperate to find out the final fate of our beloved Will Graham and crew, it appears we’re going […]Read More

TV News: Hannibal Season 3 Trailer

With a summer release date on the cards and an ever-growing list of new cast members being slowly fed to the fans, it feels as though the creator’s of NBC’s Hannibal have awoken from their slumbers in the past couple of weeks. But it doesn’t stop there. In the last hour, EW released a 90 […]Read More

TV Review: Mizumono S2E13 // Hannibal

“I let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it.” Tick tock goes the clock; a rhythmic countdown provides the melody to the final symphony of season 2. It appears that the chase may finally be over for Jack Crawford and his team. Tangible evidence to cling […]Read More

TV Review: Tome-Wan S2E12 // Hannibal

“I am enchanted and terrified.” After a lengthy flirtation with Dr. Lecter and Will Graham, it seems like Mason Verger may have bitten off more than he can chew. In what could perhaps be described as the most visually disturbing episode of the show’s two series so far, we witness Will’s deepest darkest fantasies come […]Read More

TV Review: Ko No Mono S2E11 // Hannibal

“Every creative act has a destructive consequence.” Episode 11 kicks off with an intimate banquet between Dr Lecter and his presumed protégé Will Graham. On the menu tonight is flambéed ortolan, an endangered bird that is submersed in liquor, plucked, cooked and then demolished in one bite, ‘bones and all’. As the blood-curdling symphony of […]Read More

TV Review: Naka-Choko S2E10 // Hannibal

‘I send someone to kill you, you send someone to kill me. Even Steven.’ Episode 10 of the sumptuous delight that is Hannibal picks up fresh off the back of its prior episode’s sultry ending. A tormented game of cat and mouse leads to unexpected consequences when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) finds himself back in […]Read More