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‘The Banishing’ — Dolls Aren’t As Scary As They Used

Too restrained to be fun and too superficial to be chilling, The Banishing is a dull film that feels much longer than its 97 minutes. Elisabetta Pulcini reviews. The Banishing follows a young family formed by Marianne (Jessica Brown Findlay), her daughter Adelaide (Anya McKenna-Bruce) and her husband Linus (John Heffernan), a vicar, as they […]Read More

Trailer Released For Netflix Horror ‘Things Heard And Seen’

Netflix recently dropped its creepy trailer for upcoming horror film Things Heard and Seen. The gothic tale stars Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) and James Norton (Grantchester). Things Heard And Seen is an adaptation of Elizabeth Brundage’s novel All Things Cease to Appear. Seyfried portrays a young artist named Catherine, while Norton takes on the role […]Read More

‘Fragile.com’- A Disturbing Tale Of Objectification: FGBFF Review

In general, online stars tend to adopt a smiley persona to entertain their viewers. However, the short film Fragile.com—streamed to both German and international audiences in this year’s virtual Final Girls Berlin Film Festival—imagines an alternate universe where sad girls are celebrated for exhibiting their misery on camera. As she sits sobbing in a cafe […]Read More

‘Darkness’ — A Strangely Prophetic Experiment: Review

Director Emanuela Rossi delivers Darkness with impeccable timing and clear intention. Through a use of a genre uncharacteristic of today’s Italian cinema, she creates a film that is strangely prophetic and largely effective. Darkness begins in a world in which women are not allowed to leave the house. 17-year-old Stella and her two younger sisters, […]Read More

‘Megan Is Missing’ — And So Are Decent Trigger Warnings

“Trigger warning.” The current ubiquity of that phrase has been met with controversy and, in some cases, ridicule. One particularly charming Urban Dictionary user writes that the purpose of trigger warnings are “to warn weak-minded people who are easily offended that they might find what is being posted offensive in some way due to its […]Read More

Jealousy and Godlessness in ‘Saint Maud’: Review

There are many things I’ve missed about going to the cinema this year, but perhaps chief among them is the almost-unending paranoia that comes with seeing a good horror movie. You know the feeling: sitting at a table or lying in bed and all of a sudden a shiver crosses your body, seemingly out of […]Read More