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Game Review: The Medium

Released: 28 January 2021 Rating: PEGI 18 (Extreme Violence, Strong Language) When it comes to horror, few franchises are as fondly remembered as Silent Hill. The series’ eerie titular locale and grotesque creatures are as iconic as the surrounding fog, or that time an adorable dog turned out to be behind everything. There have been […]Read More

Hungry for Horror: 5 RPG Maker Games Worth A Scream

In 1992, Japanese publishing group ASCII Media Works released RPG Tsukūru Dante98, the very first iteration of the RPG Maker series. The RPG Maker series is somewhat self-explanatory: each entry in the series provides a fairly straightforward way to make simple JRPG games in the style of titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, with […]Read More

In Defence of the Silent Hill Movies

*This article contains some spoilers for the Silent Hill movies, as well as some graphic images* I probably belong to the relatively large population of people who know an awful lot about the Silent Hill franchise without actually playing much of it. I mean, I had the Silent Hill HD collection on the Xbox360, but […]Read More

7 Weird And Wonderful Panels From PAX Online x EGX

One of the many smaller losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the loss of physical games conventions. The numerous flashy booths constructed from pure marketing power, the fun conversations with tired indie devs on the final day, the overpriced snacks on the convention floor. I suppose there’s some cool games as well. […]Read More