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‘Lucky’ — Breaking The Cycle Of Violence: Review

Slasher films are nothing new. Time-loop films are nothing new. Hell, even slasher time-loop films are nothing new. But what is new is the latest film by director Natasha Kermani, Lucky. Lucky follows business writer May, who finds herself trapped in a cycle of constant violence as a masked figure attempts to kill her each and […]Read More

‘Possessor’— A Gory Sci-Fi Delight: Review

Possessor is the second feature film from Canadian director Brandon Cronenberg, which he spent a meticulous seven years developing. In that time, he worked on his own catalogue of practical gore and physical effects in order to bring this project to life. Which he does in gleefully fleshy, visceral detail. Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) is […]Read More

‘Shook’ — Social Media Gone Bad: Review

Director Jennifer Harrington’s Shook is a satirical takedown of social media celebrities that remains a guilty pleasure from start to finish. Shook follows Mia (Daisye Tutor), a makeup product influencer who has devoted her entire life to attracting more followers and surrounded herself with similar-minded people. Mia leaves her personal life on the backburner, much […]Read More

‘Sator’ — A Muddled Debut Proves Light On Frights: Review

There’s a certain allure to the idea of the auteur—cinema royalty is apparently full of them. Jordan Graham, who made his debut feature almost single-handedly over five years, seems to embody the term. Unfortunately, Sator is a film which highlights the merits of collaboration, proving impenetrable in its adherence to the director’s vision. The story […]Read More

‘The Queen of Black Magic’ — A Thrilling And Gory

With charismatic leads, clever writing and enticing visuals, Kimo Stamboel’s latest film is a thrilling watch that delivers disturbingly unforgettable gore.   The Queen of Black Magic follows the story of a family that goes back to visit the orphanage where their father grew up after its owner falls ill. As the history of the […]Read More

Wading Through the Complicated Legacy of H. P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft never lived to see his name cemented among the literary giants of the twentieth century.  Dead of cancer before his 47th birthday, his existence was so obscure that even his estranged wife was unaware of his death for more than eight years. His short stories – now recognised as ground-breaking developments in the […]Read More

Hungry for Horror: 5 RPG Maker Games Worth A Scream

In 1992, Japanese publishing group ASCII Media Works released RPG Tsukūru Dante98, the very first iteration of the RPG Maker series. The RPG Maker series is somewhat self-explanatory: each entry in the series provides a fairly straightforward way to make simple JRPG games in the style of titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, with […]Read More

Album Review: Visions Of Bodies Being Burned // clipping.

Over the last decade, the horror genre has moved further away from the surreal topics of vampires, werewolves and zombies, instead choosing to wrap its claws around reality: tearing off the facade of modern life to reveal something more terrifying than anything Hammer Horror could ever come up with. In 2017, Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed […]Read More

In Defence of the Silent Hill Movies

*This article contains some spoilers for the Silent Hill movies, as well as some graphic images* I probably belong to the relatively large population of people who know an awful lot about the Silent Hill franchise without actually playing much of it. I mean, I had the Silent Hill HD collection on the Xbox360, but […]Read More