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My Life in Books: Alicia Boukersi

Someone recently asked me if I still enjoy writing for fun, when I have to do so much of it for work. “Don’t you get bored of it?”, they pondered. Without even thinking about it, I nodded and laughed. Well, of course I do. The same goes for reading. Yes, sometimes I regard it as […]Read More

50 Books (1): How To Be A Woman // Caitlin

Title: How To Be A Woman Author: Caitlin Moran Outline: How To Be A Woman is a memoir of Caitlin Moran’s life. This is a feminist novel, with Moran calling for us ‘strident feminists’ to tackle everyday sexism, while attempting to inspire the normalisation of the female body – Chapter 1 is entitled ‘I Start […]Read More

My Life In Books: Beth Kirkbride

I have always loved the escape that a good book provides; whether it’s winter time and you’re curled in your favourite armchair with a hot drink, or you’re lounging on a deckchair by a pool somewhere exotic. The great thing about reading as a hobby is that it is untrammelled by the seasons, the time […]Read More