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Single Review: Grounds // IDLES

Although ‘Grounds’ has been in the pipeline for a while and played at shows on IDLES’ last tour, the song’s recent release on June 16th feels very apt and relevant right now.  In alignment with the band’s recent fundraising and support of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests, the lyrics in ‘Grounds’ express solidarity […]Read More

Documentary Review: Don’t Go Gentle // IDLES

Don’t Go Gentle echoes Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, an ardent poem encouraging the reader not to go gently into death. The adjective ‘gentle’ connotes as quiet, careful and compliant, all of which IDLES are not. Thomas’ poem accepts that death cannot be avoided, but can be confronted. IDLES take […]Read More

Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties: The Lockdown Alternative to Live Music?

COVID-19 has facilitated the cancellation of an entire year’s worth of gigs and festivals worldwide. Experts have anticipated that live music will not be able to return until Autumn 2021. Economic downturn has placed venues under threat, and many music publications face an uncertain future. Amongst this depressing backdrop are Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties. Organised by […]Read More