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EP Review: Girl // Island

Island, a four piece from London, will release their upcoming debut EP Girl later this month on Beatnik Creative. The EP brings a relaxing indie vibe with a slight influence from country music and the likes of The Kooks. ‘Stargazer’ gets proceedings underway. The reverb and delay on the guitar is atmospheric and mellow, while the […]Read More

Track Review: Acid Kids // Juice

Birmingham trio Juice’s long awaited second single has arrived and it’s 3 minutes and 16 seconds of pure indie heaven. As a band recently known for their 2014 debut single ‘Sugar’ and having previously supported indie powerhouse Catfish and the Bottlemen, Juice are sure to captivate quite an audience with ‘Acid Kids’: a true explosion from […]Read More

EP Review: Living In Dreams // Room1Fourteen

Room1Fourteen, an alternative rock band working between England and Switzerland, released their debut EP Living In Dreams back in May this year. The EP is a journey infused with a wide range of rock genre influences. The opening and eponymous track ‘Living In Dreams’ throws us into an atmosphere of mystery, entering the melancholic and […]Read More

Track Review: Who Knows Best // Dexter Henry Millest

Since the release of his debut EP ‘Boneworks’ in September last year, 18-year-old indie rocker Dexter Henry Millest has been actively performing around the UK, offering up latest track ‘Who Knows Best’ to fans. Initially featuring on a BBC Introducing session, his new single ‘Who Knows Best’ has a fresh acoustic-funk impression only enhanced by the Herefordshire natives’ […]Read More

Top 10 Acts at Reading 2015

10) The Bulletproof Bomb For many people with music tastes similar to my own, The Bulletproof Bomb were the first band of the festival on our clashfinders. They played an early set on Friday at the Festival Republic Stage and provided possibly the best warm up for the rest of the festival one could have […]Read More

Album Review: What Went Down // Foals

The highly anticipated Foals album, What Went Down, came out yesterday, on 28th August to highly expectant fans. After teasing us with a few thematically enigmatic singles, including ‘What Went Down,’ the very heavy and intense title track, chants of “dark and heavy, dark and heavy” from fans, and descriptions of the album from insiders which […]Read More

Album Review: The Making Of // The Bohicas

The Bohicas of Essex have released what seems like the extent of their simple, sharp and on the whole satisfying indie rock and roll in debut album The Making Of. They have made their presence known on the indie scene for the past year with singles like ‘Swarm’ and ‘Where You At’ and appear to […]Read More

Track Review: Anthem For Doomed Youth // The Libertines

The title track from The Libertines forthcoming comeback album, Anthem For Doomed Youth, is perhaps the most exciting of the three singles they have released from the record so far. Whilst ‘Gunga Din’ blew away any inkling that the Libertines may have lost their artistic touch, ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ has taken the band a […]Read More

Track Review: Sounds Different, Feels the Same // Smashing Lights

London four-piece, Smashing Lights, are an electronic band with a very unique sound. Their mix of synthetic sounds and fast-tempo vocals is wonderfully original and nice merge of different genres. Their track, ‘Sounds Different, Feels the Same’ starts off with a simple drum beat before introducing a keyboard riff and guitar. A lone vocal line […]Read More

Single Review: Bile // Bête Noire

Bête Noire is a London-based rock band. Their single, ‘Bile’ is whacky and a great insight into their intensely lugubrious sound. The word ‘bile’ already insinuates something deliciously disgusting and grotesque. Enter the achingly sinister intro, delving into an almost Hallween-esque soundscape. A whiny, nasal voice enters, contrasting the spookiness with repetitive nursery rhyme melodic structures, chanted […]Read More

Single Review: Wicker Man // Veludo Planes

Veludo Planes have soared back onto the indie/alternative radar with their latest release, ‘Wicker Man’. This quartet from Portsmouth have already invaded our playlists with their debut release back in March, entitled ‘Snows of Kilimanjaro’. The boys showcase an aptness for blasting out addictive choruses over dynamic, melodic verses. After spending the year organising, running […]Read More

Single Review: Ursa Court // Twin

Twin is a Brighton-based indie rock band. Their single, ‘Ursa Court,’ released only a couple of weeks ago on Youtube, is an exciting presentation of their sound. The drums propel the song straight from the start, while the husky lead singer sings wonderfully clever melodic lines as the song develops increasing excitement, until the build up to the […]Read More

Single Review: Vitamin C // Clean Cut Kid

‘Vitamin C’ is the debut single for Clean Cut Kid, a Liverpool-based four piece consisting of Saul Godman, Ross Higginson, Mike and Evelyn Halls.  However, they aren’t new to the spotlight! They’ve played at this year’s Latitude festival and will be touring with Shura and Circa Waves this Autumn. ‘Vitamin C’ opens with a simple guitar […]Read More

Track Review: Tongue // Golding

‘Tongue’ is the latest sonic wonderland to be birthed into universe by Brighton based quartet, Golding. The first single to be heard from their upcoming Platinum Black EP demonstrates Golding’s absolute strength in creating wild shoegazy melodies, punctured by the surge of shrill guitars. Lead singer, Kipp Boucher, is able to parade his evident lyrical […]Read More

Track Review: In The Summertime // Mike Coykendall

Though ostensibly about an unreciprocated summer love – all heady, hot-tempered, and lost in a haze – Mike Coykendall‘s ‘In The Summertime’ makes sure that, even whilst lamenting at a distance, you’re having wicked fun doing it. Clocking in at only one minute fifty-three seconds, the track evokes the whirlwind nature of a carefree summer, all scuzzy, […]Read More