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Elliott Smith’s Eponymous Second Album to be Reissued as a

As this July marks the 25th anniversary of Elliott Smith’s self-titled second album, Kill Rock Stars (Smith’s record label) have announced their plans for its reissue as a deluxe edition, to be released on 28th August 2020. It will also include a 52-page coffee table book of previously unseen photographs by JJ Gonson, with handwritten lyrics and reminiscences from Smith’s colleagues and friends.Read More

Book Review: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the

By the end of the first page, we are immediately immersed into the unconventional mind of Janina, dismissed by everyone around her as merely a mad old woman, yet endlessly insightful and imperfectly attuned to the world around her. This comic tale of death and vengeance is richly philosophical and oddly humorous, written in witty, melancholic prose, it is an ode to anyone whose sanity is questioned purely because they refuse to conform to society’s ‘norm’. Read More