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Inspirational Entrepreneur: Whitney Wolfe Herd

“ Since 2017, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have put sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the centre of the cultural conversation. I’m more dedicated than ever to helping advance gender equality — and putting an end to the misogyny that still plagues society. We don’t tolerate hate speech or bad behaviour of any sort; […]Read More

Inspirational Asexuality Activist: Yasmin Benoit

She may only be 24, but in the last six years, Yasmin Benoit has made her mark on the world. She’s flourished in her modelling career, risen to become a prominent activist for the asexual community and, amongst it all, completed two degrees. Today, her activism is all about giving asexual and aromantic people a platform: that […]Read More

Inspirational Charity Founder: Oa Hackett

It would be far too easy to label Oa Hackett as inspiring because she is a cancer survivor who used that experience to help others. Doing so would be unfair on the vast numbers of people who have done the same. To define Hackett by cancer is a cliche and one that misses the sense […]Read More

Inspirational Journalist: Terri White

Terri White: a name that you may not be familiar with unless you are a big fan of the film magazine Empire or you’re a journalist yourself. But she is a woman that I would advise you look into because her story is not one that should be overlooked. Currently, White is the Editor in […]Read More

Inspirational Influencer: Flo Simpson

She has provided much-needed escapism from lockdown’s inescapable monotony and has become an advocate for body positivity and self-love. This is the story of Flo Simpson whose 60-second weight-loss videos helped her rise to fame. Simpson’s daily videos recording what she eats in a day alongside her general affairs launched her into social media fame. […]Read More

Inspirational Author: Victoria (V.E.) Schwab

Victoria ‘V.E.’ Schwab is a New York Times, Indie and USA Today bestselling author of twenty novels for children, teens and adults. She has also published a series of comics that serve as a prequel to her bestselling Shades of Magic series. Her latest novel, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, has spent sixteen weeks […]Read More