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TV Review: Adam Curtis’ ‘Can’t Get You Out of My

Can’t Get You Out of My Head is both a six-part documentary film series by Adam Curtis, and the history lessons you never had. Subtitled ‘An Emotional History of the Modern World’, the films focus in on individuals from the 20th century whose decisions and influence have shaped our current reality. Each of these decisions are shown […]Read More

‘The Split’ Will Return For Its Third and Final Series

The BBC’s much-loved legal drama The Split is set to return for its third and final series. Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan will reprise their roles as Hannah and Nathan for one last case, as they aim to settle their own divorce. The Split follows the lives of the Defoe sisters (Nicola Walker, Annabel Scholey […]Read More

Ranking The Characters of ‘The Serpent’

This month’s BBC drama The Serpent has at once filled me with a sense of despairing wanderlust and made me terrified of ever leaving my parents’ house, let alone the country, again. The mini-series follows the true story of ‘the Bikini Killer’, Charles Sobhraj, who throughout the 1970s robbed and murdered at least twelve young […]Read More

TV Review: Eddie’s Take on ‘Doctor Who: Revolution of the

Read Orla’s Take on ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ here. It’s certainly a pleasure to usher in another year with a new episode of Doctor Who, something that has become a custom over the past few years. Following the controversial series twelve finale, ‘The Timeless Children’, the pressure was on for Chibnall to deliver an exciting […]Read More

TV Review: ‘Ghosts’ Series 2 Is A Delightful Tonic

BBC’s Ghosts first premiered in spring 2019, receiving rave reviews, and the second series has been no different. Written by the stars of Horrible Histories and Yonderland, Laurence Rickard, Mathew Baynton, Ben Willbond, Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby and Martha Howe-Douglas, and directed by Tom Kingsley, Ghosts is clearly the product of a well-oiled machine. The […]Read More

TV Review: ‘Once Upon A Time In Iraq’ Highlights The

First aired on July 13th on BBC2 (and now available on BBC iPlayer), Once Upon a Time in Iraq covers a great deal in its five episodes, delving deep into the chaotic quagmire of the Iraq War. Beginning with the horror of 9/11, which provided the catalyst for the swift invasion and toppling of Saddam […]Read More

Why You Should Watch… ‘I May Destroy You’

Read our review of I May Destroy You here. Trigger warning: sexual assault and rape. Considering there has been very little to do during lockdown, other than attack our own hair with kitchen scissors and consume a potentially dangerous amount of crisps while lying on the sofa, it would be hard for you to have […]Read More

TV Review: Killing Eve Series 2 (Spoiler Free)

She’s bad. She’s back. She’s Villanelle. Bursting back onto our screens on Saturday evening, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer have reprised their roles to deliver us another stellar series of BBC America’s Killing Eve. It’s been two years since we last saw psychopathic assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), take British intelligence detective, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) […]Read More