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Track Review: Skin Game // DIIV

The subtropical Xanax fling that would become 2015 marked the start of a new era for music, in which not really caring about anything finally attained widespread appeal. This is interesting, as Bowie would still give pose and meaning to music until January 2016. Prince still had a year to go. And yet, it was […]Read More

Album Review: Aida // Rino Gaetano (1977)

Two years before his death, Rino Gaetano stood on a stage on Capocotta beach, just south of his home city of Rome, and announced: “There’s someone who wants to put a gag on me! I do not fear them! They will not succeed! I feel that, in the future, my songs will be sung by […]Read More

When the Fun Stops, Stop: The Problem with FIFA

Once a year, EA release the latest instalment of its flagship game, FIFA, which seems to thrive on compulsive gaming habits. The danger is that such mechanics eventually inspire a lifestyle that very quickly becomes hard to go back on. It’s all too easy to arrange a commute around new content or a weekend around an online league. Eventually, payday can quite easily finance a summer sat inside, waiting for the release of a few blue cards.Read More

Album Review: Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres (Self-Titled)

The world of ‘art’ can feel worlds away from the lives of folk. Talk of ‘Albion’ and ‘The Arcadian Dream’ maybe don’t resonate so much with the everyman’s experience of this small, grey rock. Certainly, my time on the Holloway Road hasn’t been painted with the same Dickensian charm that filters through Peter Doherty’s assessment […]Read More

Album Review: Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Can you believe it’s been six whole years since Holy Fire? Six years since that hot, hot summer, covering up an otherwise shitty year full of war and natural disaster. 2013 was my first proper festival experience: a simpler time, an exciting time to be alive and part of something bigger. I remember more hype […]Read More

Introducing: Lucie Barât and The Au Revoirs

Name: Lucie Barât and The Au Revoirs Hometown: Brighton Listen to: Fallen, Hey Faust “It’s becoming our anthem”, says Lucie Barât of debut single ‘Fallen’, “it’s dramatic, personal and highly danceable. I think it announces us perfectly”. Keen not to let her last name get in the way of carving out her own identity, 2015 […]Read More

Introducing: Run With The Hunt

Name: Run With the Hunt Hometown: Aylesbury Listen to: Chasing Our Tails, Out Through The Trapdoor Borrowing here and there from the last twenty, twenty five years of indie music, Aylesbury based four-piece Run With The Hunt is a deliberately eclectic setup, their demos touching on grunge, indie rock, garage rock and post punk, all under the […]Read More

EP Review: Love, Faith and Fear // The Rubikons

In stark contrast to the effortless side of indie music dominating the scene at the moment, Love, Faith and Fear offers a distinctly energetic first impression of a mildly eclectic range of driving impressions and influences. The EP opens with ‘Have We Moved On’, a typically indie crossover piece lending itself to the guidance of […]Read More