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Book Review: Girls Against God // Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval, the Norwegian musician and author’s second novel to be translated into English, is a Gothic, genre-bending tale of a young girl attempting to escape Southern Norway’s Bible Belt and shake off Christian conservatism. Jenny Hval is already a critically renowned singer-songwriter whose gothic alt-pop often delves into heady, intimate subjects. As a novelist […]Read More

Album Review: Kelly Lee Owens (Self-Titled)

Despite its billing as a ‘techno’ album, Kelly Lee Owens’ self-titled debut is that and a whole lot more. On last year’s Oleic EP, Owens exhibited her brand of emotionally-driven techno across a selection of four tracks that, while subtle and nuanced, still would have sat well in the club. Her debut album experiments further […]Read More

Album Review: Blood Bitch // Jenny Hval

Listening to Blood Bitch is like existing in a dream. If you don’t concentrate enough, you won’t hear the music. Pay attention, though, and you’ll be rewarded immensely. Layers of synths and electronica thinly veil the gothic horror and ethereal mysticism trapped in the lyrics. Why is Blood Bitch titled thus? The theme of menstruation remains […]Read More