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Literary Soundtracks: Stephen King & The Doors

Stephen King once famously noted ‘Write with The doors closed’. This got me thinking about The Doors themselves; not the boring B&Q kind but the psychedelic 70’s kind, fronted by 27 Club icon Jim Morrison, and why Stephen King and The Doors make a great combination. While reading it can be easy to be distracted […]Read More

50 Years Of The Doors

July 1965 – A twenty-one year-old Jim Morrison and fellow UCLA film graduate; Ray Manzarek, met on Venice Beach one day, for a conversation that would forever change the face of rock music. In the following weeks both Robby Krieger and John Densmore were inducted, thus completing the formation of one of the greatest bands […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: LA Woman // The Doors

LA Woman is The Doors’ 6th studio album, and packed full of bluesy licks and solid rhythm the album is possibly one of their greatest. Opening up with ‘The Changeling’, Ray Manzarek hits the ground running with a grooving organ line that echoes throughout the track, while Jim Morrison’s iconic voice tears its way through […]Read More