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Everything You Need To Know About Building a Portfolio

2017 was the worst year of my life. Having finished college with A-levels a hair’s width from failure, I decided that my best bet would be finding a programming apprenticeship with the little knowledge I had attained. I was somehow even less successful than you’d expect. However, I was able to learn something from this […]Read More

Tear-off Adverts And Posters Expose The Tideline Of Job Losses

Job losses are forcing us to be resourceful. Cue the comeback of retro tear-off adverts and homemade posters offering online tutoring, outdoor personal training or general handyman-ness. In London, these have popped up seemingly overnight; pasted onto bus stops, lampposts, park noticeboards, the windows of closed shops, at eye-level. They are the tangible signs of an economy in free fall. But […]Read More