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The 10 Best Performers of All Time

Some people say the lead singer is the most important member of a band. While this is certainly a contentious opinion, it’s true that the lead singer can make or break a band. It might be that they lack vocal ability, or that their voice doesn’t fit the style of the music (for instance, picture […]Read More

Who Inspires You? – Part 1

Our inspirations are what drive us forward. They encourage us to make certain decisions, to pick certain paths. Inspirations can come in a vast array of forms, but one of the most common is people. This is a collection of people who inspire us here at the Indiependent. James Dudley: Elon Musk “My motivation for […]Read More

The Clash and their Unparalled Genius

The rattle of the drums led into a reggae beat led by a bass guitar. A backing vocalist ooh-ed and aah-ed. Then, a voice cut clear through the music: “Daddy was a bankrobber / but he never hurt nobody / He just loved to live that way / And he loved to steal your money” I […]Read More