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Todd Phillip’s Joker, a film that separates the most iconic comic book villain in history from his counterpart, Batman, to focus on the psyche of the man behind the face paint, hit cinemas on 4th October worldwide. After an 8-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival, where it also received the award of best […]how to order dapoxetine

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Todd Phillips’ contribution to the DC canon, Joker, has just scooped the top award at the Venice Film Festival, beating out tough competition from the likes of Ad Astra and Marriage Story. Having been praised by critics for transgressing the tropes that one may expect from a comic book movie, Joker sees Joaquin Phoenix star […]buy dapoxetine in singapore

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The first thing I’d like to point out in this review is that Suicide Squad, David Ayer’s hotly-anticipated contribution to the quickly expanding new DC universe, is certainly not as terrible as the recent onslaught of damning reviews would have you believe. I entered the cinema with extremely low expectations, and was met with a complete […]cheap priligy dapoxetine

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