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Sir Keir Starmer is Right to Back Patriotism

Sir Keir Starmer has been widely criticised for his ambitions to make the Labour Party more patriotic, however such ridicule is misguided. A report from The Guardian has highlighted that Starmer wants to make “use of the [union] flag, veterans [and] dressing smartly”, as he seeks to redefine what people have come to expect from […]Read More

The Glorious Gladiatorial Arena of Labour Factions

Suffering a decade out of power and in dire straits, the Labour party has recently adopted an innovative new electoral strategy. It is a party characterised by division; the boundaries between factions are marked by scars. What it has elected to do, then, is plug its fingers very firmly and deeply into those scars, tearing […]Read More

Pride is about protest: Remembering the long shadow of Section

June marks the beginning of Pride Month. What would normally encompass protests, parties, and LOTS of glitter is taking a very different form this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of Pride Parades from New York City to London. It is no longer possible for the LGBTQ+ community to physically mark this occasion, […]Read More

Theatre Review: This House // National Theatre

Written by the mind behind ITV’s Quiz and directed by People, Places and Things’ Jeremy Herrin, This House is a witty, heartfelt insight into the struggles of the Labour Government in the late 1970s. I was worried that my lack of knowledge of 1970s politics would hinder my enjoyment of This House, but that couldn’t […]Read More

Politics or Popularity? What Did We Vote For?

It’s hard to ignore the media circus around this year’s election, and I say this year because they seem to be an annual thing now. Focus has been locked on the two main party leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson with little else other than Brexit discussions piercing through the fog of this popularity contest. […]Read More

Sorry (Not Sorry) TFL: Why Diane Abbott Shouldn’t Apologise

This week, Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary and prime target for anti-labour propaganda, felt compelled to issue an apology to Transport for London after she was photographed sipping happily from a pre-mixed M&S Mojito on the Overground. It has long been acknowledged that those who hold office in government or Parliament are subject, rightly or […]Read More

General Election 2017: An Overview of the Results

It’s been a strange night. The 2017 General Election has resulted in a hung parliament, the worst possible scenario for the Conservatives. Who would have thought it just seven weeks ago, when the election was called on the back of a Tory landslide in the polls? Our ‘Strong and Stable’ leader has been forced to […]Read More

Digital Democracy: the next step?

You may remember the Labour Party’s internal party elections, whereby members had the option to vote online. With this in mind, it is feasible that the future of UK general elections might follow suit. However, is becoming a digital democracy a good thing? Voter Turnout A key argument in favour of introducing digital voting is […]Read More

Jeremy Corbyn loses ‘no confidence’ vote among Labour MPs by

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU last Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been called into question by members of his shadow cabinet. A leadership coup began with shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn telling Corbyn he had no confidence in his leadership. Benn was then sacked, which triggered a succession of resignations from Corbyn’s […]Read More

A Labour Party in pieces

We all knew that there would be a political fall out in the event of a Brexit, but we never expected it to be this sudden and extreme. The Labour Party is crumbling before our eyes, disintegrating into chaos, and its very own leader is at the epicentre of it all. In a dead of […]Read More

Not Jeremy, please

Opinion Editor Tony Diver explores the flawed popularity of Jeremy Corbyn.  Modern Labour is in the midst of an identity crisis. It was born in 1997 with the rejuvenation of cobwebbed Old Labour, it enjoyed a glorious childhood until 2010 and now – at the age of eighteen – it’s looking to leave home, throw […]Read More

Labour Leadership Elections: Infiltration or Ambition?

The election for the leadership of the Labour party is drawing nearer, and as you probably know, there is an increasing focus on veteran Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was entered as a mere addition to the debate, but as people have realised that Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper have all the charisma and personality of a […]Read More