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Blast From The Past: Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey

In 2017, Lana Del Rey took to Twitter to cryptically call on her followers to join her in putting a spell on Donald Trump. The move was as unexpected as much as it made complete sense. Known as one of music’s most enigmatic stars, her penchant for hexing was unsurprising. Dipping her toe into American politics, however? A […]Read More

Lana Del Rey’s Essay: Not Big, Not Clever and Hardly

By now, you’ve probably heard about the essay Lana Del Rey posted to her Instagram account on 23rd May. You may even have read it. In case you hadn’t, or dismissed it as a TL;DR, I can summarise it as this: a long winded version of the “I’m not like other girls” cliché. Del Rey […]Read More

Track Review: Marie Antoinette // Eloïse

Eighteen year-old newcomer Eloïse sings with an air of grandeur and maturity not typical of your average A-Level student. Having only entered the music scene last year, she has made waves with her soaring debut single ‘Studio 54’ and received praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit and The 405. Taken from […]Read More

Track Review: Studio 54 // Eloïse

Eighteen year-old Suffolk native Eloïse describes Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die as one of the three albums that changed her life; on her double A-side release ‘Studio 54/Like the Way’, the New York singer’s influence is undeniable. Treading a fine line between imitation and inspiration, Eloïse’s menacing vocals manage to create something that is […]Read More

Lana Del Rey vs Lolita

“Light of my life, fire of my loins”: the first words of both Nabokov’s masterful novel Lolita and the hook of Lana Del Rey’s track ‘Off to the Races’. This is just one example of the influence the magnum-opus of Russian-born, English writing Nabokov has had on the songs of Lana Del Rey. Del Rey’s […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Megan Wilson

My life has always been influenced heavily by music. I grew up in a big family which meant I heard a lot of different musical styles and was exposed to a long list of genres. Picking five tracks that document my life so far wasn’t an easy task – after all, as a general lover of […]Read More

Track Review: High By The Beach // Lana Del Rey

Building on the hype already created by Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey has released another track from her upcoming album; ‘High By The Beach’ is even more explosive. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnxpHIl5Ynw&w=740&h=422] This song integrates pop back beats with the singer’s iconic hypnotic rhythm and surreal style vocals, and the chorus of “All I wanna do is get high by the beach” […]Read More

Track Review: Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey

Following on from the impressive legacy already set by Lana Del Rey so far, the eponymous track ‘Honeymoon’ has left fans excitedly anticipating the rest of the album – set for release in September this year. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPU8XJcA__k&w=750&h=422] The song opens with an eerily calm and melancholy tune that introduces the track and accompanying video like […]Read More

5 Albums We Can’t Wait To Hear This Year

R8 // Rihanna From the fateful day Rihanna’s Instagram featured a studio shot back in October 2014, R8 has been the buzz word on everybody’s lips. Notably, Rihanna has utilised the greats in her industry, employing the music skills of Kanye, Sir Paul McCartney, Sia, Florence Welch and Natalia Kills to name just a few […]Read More