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Documentary Film Review: Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

There is something of an innocent quality strewn through Tomer Heymann’s latest documentary venture, which ultimately contrasts the film’s stark subject matter. Jonathan Agassi is the wunderkind of gay porn, an incredibly desirable but ultimately provocative star of adult movies who, at his height, was considered one of the greatest actors in porn. However, with […]Read More

The Best of LGBT Cinema

It used to be that not even 10 years ago, a director would release an LGBT themed film, and there would be a huge rave about the it, not because it was any good, but because it was LGBT, during a time when homosexuality was still something of a taboo. Think of films like Brokeback […]Read More

What on earth is a Gaby Baby?: LGBT Activism in

During the Birmingham PRIDE celebrations, I attended a screening of ‘Gaby Baby’, a documentary film that delves into the issues of same-sex marriages through following the lives of four Australian families. I chatted with Maya Newell, the director of the documentary film, about her inspiration, the making of the film, the mode of the film as a force […]Read More

Film News and Debate: Seth Rogen and Frozen fans forcing

Last month, The Independent published an article in which everyone’s favourite stoner Seth Rogen expressed his regret over the homophobic jokes made in the 2007 cult-comedy classic, Superbad. Rogen started writing the film at just thirteen years old, and given the way the teenage characters delivered these jokes so casually, they were, according to Rogen, […]Read More