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International Asexuality Day Announced In Time For LGBT+ History Month

International Asexuality Day (IAD) was announced on 31 January, and will be held on 6 April from 2021 onwards. The day aims to celebrate and support all asexual people, with a particular focus on those outside the Western, English-speaking world. It was set up collaboratively by individuals and organisations from 22 different countries and regions. […]Read More

Biology 101: Anatomy Of A Gay Anthem

Morning class, settle down please. I assume you’ve done the assigned reading, or assigned watching I should say: episodes 1-3 of It’s A Sin. I definitely see plenty of red-rimmed eyes. Alicia, did you watch it? We’re going to continue with our topic of gay anthems and today’s lesson also includes a dissection. No Dean, […]Read More

Love And Landscape In The Works Of Francis Lee

Having spent his first two features making poetic links between queer love and landscape, Francis Lee has cemented himself as one of the most talented filmmakers working today. Katie Evans explores his work, in parallel with LGBTQ+ History Month. Acclaimed British film director Francis Lee takes his filmic inspiration from the landscapes that enveloped him […]Read More

10 LGBTQ+ Classical Composers You Should Listen To

Historically, both the LGBTQ+ community and ‘the composer’ have been painted as ‘the outsider’ by many. But LGBTQ+ composers have been present throughout musical history, from the Baroque period, through the height of the Classical age, onwards into nineteenth-century impressionism and modernism, and now within today’s contemporary world of classical music. Whether or not they […]Read More