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What Does the Future Hold for LGBTQ+ Spaces?

It is easy to feel bleak about the future of queer spaces. According to UCL research, 58% of LGBTQ+ bars in London closed their doors between 2006 -2016. The main reason for this was found to be development, the sanitisation and gentrification of the capital. And London isn’t the only place that has been affected; […]Read More

Film News: Beauty and the Beast of Queer-Baiting

This week, Disney announced that their new action-remake of Beauty and the Beast is to feature its first ‘exclusively gay moment’ in a Disney film. The moment is said to be between Le Fou and Gaston, but this isn’t the first time that Disney have got our hopes up of having LGBTQ representation. Rumours had […]Read More

HIV lives matter: why PrEP is vital in our ever-stretched

This month saw a monumental breakthrough in health rulings that will affect thousands of gay men across the country. The UK’s high court ruled that the lives of gay men – and those at risk of HIV – are worth saving. The high court ruled that the NHS is responsible for funding a ‘game-changing’ drug […]Read More

Orlando Shooting: The Fight Against Inequality

In a world continuously fighting against hatred and prejudice, most would start to believe that racism, sexism and homophobia is dying out. However, the shooting at ‘Pulse’, the gay bar in Orlando, shows that homophobia still exists and is a dangerous prospect to our society. Members of the LGBTQ+ community battle with everyday bigotry and […]Read More

Film News: LGBTQ couple in the new Finding Dory trailer?

The new trailer for Disney Pixar’s long awaited Finding Dory has been released and is already producing massive online-debate. After its release last week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, many avid viewers pointed out one key aspect of the trailer: possible lesbian parents. You can see this rumoured scene take place a little after the minute […]Read More

Film News and Debate: Seth Rogen and Frozen fans forcing

Last month, The Independent published an article in which everyone’s favourite stoner Seth Rogen expressed his regret over the homophobic jokes made in the 2007 cult-comedy classic, Superbad. Rogen started writing the film at just thirteen years old, and given the way the teenage characters delivered these jokes so casually, they were, according to Rogen, […]Read More

Filling in ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’

Blue is the Warmest Colour caused a storm of reaction upon its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013, and it’s not hard to see why: the French romantic drama that follows a teenager named Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) exploring her sexuality through a fiery relationship with a blue-haired art student named Emma (Léa Seydoux) has been […]Read More

David Bowie: Hero of the Outcasts

David Bowie was destined to be an outcast from only the age of fifteen when, after getting punched in the eye by dear friend George Underwood after a scuffle over a girl, Bowie was left with a permanently dilated pupil. Bowie’s death this week came as a shock and tragic announcement to many, but perhaps […]Read More

Film News: ‘Stonewall’: Hollywood Vs History

Stonewall is an American-produced movie that retells the events of the infamous Stonewall Riots – a major event in the LGBT community and in history. It was just a few short weeks ago that America announced its legalisation of same-sex marriage in every state, and with the prospect of a mainstream LGBT film coming to […]Read More

Pussy Riot for Boston Pride

In the aftermath of Pussy Riot’s imprisonment in Russia over their campaigning for LGBTQ and women’s rights, our US political correspondent Casey McGourty sees them at an event in Boston, MA.  To kick off Boston’s annual Pride Week, Mayor Marty Walsh raised the rainbow flag with two founding members of the Russian activist band Pussy […]Read More

The battle is won but the war for equality is

It’s official: after a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on the 26th June, gay marriage has now been legalised in all 50 American states. In the words of Chief Justice Roberts who voted in favour of the ruling: “if you are among the many Americans – of whatever sexual orientation – who favour expanding same-sex marriage, […]Read More

Bisexuality is real and valid, so let’s stop erasing it

With the much anticipated return of Orange is the New Black back on our TV (or rather, laptop) screens, it’s time to touch on a subject that the Emmy Award-winning show has actively decided to tiptoe around: bisexuality. The sexual orientation of its lead character Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) hasn’t yet been made exactly clear on the show, with her ex-boyfriend […]Read More