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Lockdown Puppies: Stop Buying from Breeders

We are a nation of dog lovers. Million of us have been at home much more over the past year. This means we have significantly more time on our hands, causing a large increase in the demand for puppies. We need the company and, of course, the cuteness. Unfortunately, many have decided against adopting from […]Read More

TV Review: Gogglebox, The Lockdown Love Affair

Channel 4’s Gogglebox first aired in 2013, the show that features recurring British couples, families, and friends sitting in their living rooms while watching and commenting on TV. As a viewer you’re watching others on television watch television, a concept that may sound both ridiculous and unentertaining, but the show has proven to be a […]Read More

Inspirational Influencer: Flo Simpson

She has provided much-needed escapism from lockdown’s inescapable monotony and has become an advocate for body positivity and self-love. This is the story of Flo Simpson whose 60-second weight-loss videos helped her rise to fame. Simpson’s daily videos recording what she eats in a day alongside her general affairs launched her into social media fame. […]Read More

DIY Indoor Greenhouse: Keep Houseplants Thriving

“If I come home after a really hard shift, I just want to sit in front of my cabinets and stare at my plants and do nothing.” That’s Robin Schouten, a 29-year-old healthcare worker and student from the Netherlands, a houseplant enthusiast, and the creator of the @ikeagreenhousecabinet account and hashtag on Instagram. View this […]Read More

Multi-Level Marketing Beauty Companies Are Anti-Feminist

As the pandemic takes control of livelihoods once again with lockdown 3.0, multi-level marketing (MLM) beauty companies are thriving. Facebook groups and Instagram DMs are the predatory breeding ground used by MLM sellers to recruit, or bag a few more bucks for their ‘business’. Women suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth or struggling to […]Read More

Johnson is Proving His Own Incompetence… Again

As an opinion writer, Boris Johnson presents quite a lot of exciting, creative opportunities. Like any columnist worth their salt, my writing style allows me to inject a certain flavour into my points of view. With Johnson in power, there are endless opportunities for said creative flavour injection, such as comparing him to an albino […]Read More

The Blue Gym: Benefits Of Being By The Sea

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside! For those cones of salty chips drowned in vinegar, the dripping yet delicious ice-cream and, of course, the feeling of sand between your toes. However, there are more benefits to being by the sea than just a good lick of tan. Studies suggest that those living […]Read More

Overcoming The Fear Of My Pandemic Dissertation

Love Letters To My 20s: A Fortnightly Column On The Stigma Surrounding Our Twenties “If you can remove your ego from a process, then there really isn’t any difference between success and failure. They’re just both parts of a process. You shouldn’t look at a failure as something terrible, it just is what it is, […]Read More

How The LEGO Games Can Cure Your Lockdown Lull

As England braces itself for another lockdown of an indeterminate length, many people may be faced with the same bleak feelings of despair and anxiety that accompanied them throughout most of 2020. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat, all without actually feeling like we’ve accomplished anything with […]Read More

A Year In Review: How Hit TV Reflected 2020

As pubs and theatres closed, social events cancelled, and millions of workers furloughed this year, many of us turned to our trusty small screens for entertainment. BBC News viewing figures shot up, as Brits sought out the comforting familiarity of Huw Edward’s dulcet Welsh tones. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ saw their membership and […]Read More

Lockdown Life: How I Have Survived Working From Home

Before the pandemic, working from home was a luxury I enjoyed for one day most weeks. It was a chance to escape interruptions, have an opportunity to focus on specific projects and act as a mental health fire-break. When the first lockdown meant we had to stay at home, I envisaged it would just be […]Read More