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Lockdown Listening: Is Coronavirus Changing Our Music Tastes?

I recently submitted my dissertation to complete my final year of university. All whilst sitting in my pyjamas finishing off a bowl of cereal. And bam, just like that, it was over before midday. Now what? This highly anticlimactic moment called for some feel-good tracks to lighten the mood. I found myself listening to all sorts, […]Read More

Theatre In Lockdown: How To Get Your Fix From Home

We’ve all started to accept that trips to the theatre might not go back to the way they were for quite some time. However, the range of theatre that has been made available to livestream during lockdown is somewhat softening the blow. Whether you’re musical mad or have a passion for puppetry, it seems that […]Read More

Cummings and Goings: How One Man’s Trip Became Our Odyssey

“The guidance is clear: stay alert, follow your instincts and travel to Durham.” The 270 miles Dominic Cummings drove whilst symptomatic with coronavirus was apparently a voyage led by “instinct and integrity”, according to Boris Johnson in Sunday’s briefing. Rather than a symbol of valour and resourceful parenting as his chief aide might have hoped […]Read More

Album Review: how i’m feeling now // Charli XCX

Covid-19 has had polarising effects on creatives. While some are understandably finding the stress and bleakness of the current climate stifling to their productivity and creativity, others have found themselves inspired. This is the case for Charli XCX who, in just a month, has created one of the first “quarantine albums”: a record wholly inspired […]Read More

Olivia Emily’s Top 5 Alternative Running Tracks

In lockdown, with the government mandating one trip outside per day for exercise, a lot of Britons are picking up running and cycling to resist the ensuing cabin fever. I am one of these people.  I’m a newbie, but I had taken all the steps to prepare myself – buying the right shoes, planning the […]Read More

Magazines to Help You Stay Sane: Keep it Varied and

As cabin fever kicks in and each day blends into the next readers may seek something different. A book does wonders for the mind; but a magazine, ah, now that is something different. The notion of the magazine shouldn’t be synonymous with cheap nonsense. The print world has taken a hammering in recent years, yet a […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: Observing The COVID-19 “Lockdown”

The date is Sunday, March 22nd in the year 2020.  The parks of Wolverhampton paint a placid, bucolic landscape. The smoothed pavements intertwine with lush, undulating pockets of freshly-mown grass, splattered with luscious plants and gleaming wooden huts.  It’s weather like this that could illuminate even the colourless alcoves of the world, and when you […]Read More

Perfect Trilogies for Procrastination during Isolation

All we see at the minute is doom and gloom in the news. Warranted fear and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 is reaching crisis point and it seems most of our days are going to be spent indoors. We previously brought you a list of some films to avoid whilst in isolation, but I thought it might […]Read More