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‘Locked Down’ — A Failed Attempt To Capture The Zeitgeist:

Muddled, shallow and misguided. Hollywood’s first attempt at a COVID movie is frustrating to watch, mainly because of its unoriginal premise and disappointing execution. Locked Down follows two people who, despite their decision to break up, are living together during the first two weeks of the national lockdown. The film stars Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel […]Read More

Life During Wartime: How Do Filmmakers Respond To Crisis?

With COVID making appearances in our fictional filmscapes, when is it ‘too soon’ for filmmakers to respond to a crisis? “Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the Plague.” The viral ‘motivational’ post circulated recently on my lockdown stomping-grounds, LinkedIn and Twitter, in an apparent attempt to spark inspiration or productivity while we were all pulling our […]Read More