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How To Keep Your COVID-19 Distanced Relationship Alive

My boyfriend and I spent just three months together before the first COVID-19 lockdown drove us apart. Since then, we’ve spent the majority of our relationship adjusting to various government restrictions. With just a 10-minute drive between us, our lockdown separation has felt bizarrely like going through a breakup, while we tried to find fulfilling […]Read More

Finding Happiness In Letting Him Go

‘Falling for someone doesn’t mean forgetting your own self’ – Parul Nigram I’ve been a hopeless romantic for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses; immortalising each intimate moment as something special and unique. I recount my (seemingly scripted) dates back to my friends, as I indulge […]Read More

Long-Distance Relationships Can Survive Student Culture

There is an age-old question that many students will face throughout university; can a long-distance relationship survive the student culture? All I had to do was Google “do relationships last at university” to be met with a full page of negativity. Even The Guardian has published an article titled “Don’t even think about starting university […]Read More